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Lai Rui: in pursuit of perfection

Representing a rising force in fashion designing, women designers in Shenzhen have attracted a lot of limelight in recent years.

Design jewelry on display in Luohu

Ren Jin, a master of Chinese jewelry design, is displaying 191 pieces of his works until Sunday at Jinzhan International Jewelry Plaza in Luohu District.

Zhao Huizhou: Reviving cultural heritage

OLD things can be made fashionable in the right hands, as Zhao Huizhou proves.

Xia Guoxin: designing a fashion empire

Since getting his company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2015, Xia Guoxin has expanded his fashion empire in stride after stride.

Aussie fashion designer finds inspiration at Wutong Mountain

Kain Picken was not overjoyed after the Hong Kong debut of his fashion brand Wednesday night.