Concert halls in Shenzhen

Writer: Nan Nan  |  Editor: Jane Chen  |  From: EyeShenzhen 

Shenzhen Concert Hall

Although Shenzhen is a young city, the government has made great efforts to make it a bastion of cultural enlightenment.

Shenzhen Concert Hall 深圳音乐厅

Located in central Futian District, Shenzhen Concert Hall is one of the most important symbolic cultural buildings in Shenzhen. It covers a surface area of 26,345 square meters and a construction area of 41,423 square meters. It was designed by the world-reknowned Japanese avant-grade architect Arata Isozaki. With world-class pure natural acoustics, it is a modern, professional concert hall.

Shenzhen Concert Hall consists of the Symphony Hall, the Theater Studio and other subordinate facilities. The canyon-terraced Symphony Hall covers a total area of 2,323 square meters with 1,680 seats in it. The concert hall holds a series of free performances of classical music every weekend.

Tel: 0755-82841666

Venue: Shenzhen Concert Hall, intersection of Hongli Road and Yitian Road, Futian District (福田区红荔路和益田路交汇处深圳音乐厅)

Metro: Longhua or Longgang Line, Children's Palace Station (少年宫站), Exit D

Shenzhen Grand Theater 深圳大剧院

Shenzhen Grand Theater opened in 1989 and was refurbished in 2006. As one of the eight cultural facilities when the city was founded, it has a significant meaning in the development of Shenzhen’s culture. Citizens proudly call it “the elegant hall of art.” Shenzhen Grand Theater Arts Festival is a large-scale comprehensive art activity, and it brings audiences concerts, symphonies, dances and dramas.

Tel: 0755-25906000

Venue: Shenzhen Grand Theater, 5018 Shennan Road East, Luohu District (罗湖区深南东路5018号深圳大剧院)

Metro: Line 1 or 2, Grand Theater Station (大剧院站), Exit B

Shenzhen Poly Theater 深圳保利剧院

Shenzhen Poly theater is located in the business center of Nanshan District. As a high level theater, it has more than 1500 seats and hosts musicals, dances, operas and orchestral performances.

The entrance lobby is located on the ground floor, and there are audience lounges on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The external structure of the entrance lobby and the audience lounges are made of a glass curtain wall, which is open and transparent. Along featuring a selection of artworks, the hall of the theater is elegant and modern.

Tel: 0755-86371687

Venue: Shenzhen Poly Theater, intersection of Wenxin Road 5 and Houhaibin Road, Nanshan District (南山区后海滨路与文心五路交界处深圳保利剧院)

Metro: Line 2, Houhai Station (后海站), Exit E

Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center Theater 南山文体中心剧院

Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center Theater has a big theater with 1,325 seats and a smaller one with 356 seats. The big theater has three floors, with 632 seats on the first floor, 341 seats on the second floor and 352 seats on the third floor. To provide more convenience for the disabled, Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center Theater has four disabled seats provided especially. The smaller theater has three floors, with 308 seats on the first floor, 28 seats on the second floor and 20 seats on the third floor. It was built in 1933.


Venue: Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center, 2106 Nanshan Boulevard (南山大道2106号南山文体中心)

Metro: Luobao Line, Taoyuan Station (桃园站), Exit B

Huaxia Art Center 华夏艺术中心

Established in September 1999, Huaxia Art Center belongs to OCT Group. With large comprehensive art facilities, it has held many large national and international conferences, exhibitions, artistic and cultural events. First class art troupes from home and abroad perform here every year.

Tel: 0755-26602342

Venue: Huaxia Art Center, 1 Guangqiao Street, Overseas Chinese Town (南山区华侨城光侨街1号华夏艺术中心)

Metro: Line 1, OCT Station (华侨城站), Exit B

Pingshan Theater 坪山大剧院

Located in Pingshan Cultural Cluster, Pingshan Theater has a floor area of some 17,000 square meters and resembles a “drama box.” It was designed by a team from OPEN Architecture led by Li Hu and Huang Wenjing.

There are 1,200 seats in the theater, including 794 seats on the first layer, 390 seats on the second layer and 16 seats in the private box.

The theater also boasts a small black box theater that can accommodate 260 audience members.

A black box theater, a relatively recent innovation in the field, is a simple performance space that varies in size, and is usually a square room with black walls and a flat floor. The simplicity of the space is used to create a flexible stage and audience interaction.

Walking down a public promenade at Pingshan Theater, people can traverse through the different floors and take a tour of all the “informal” and small-scale spaces inside and outside the iconic complex, such as dance rehearsal halls, an art training base, singing rooms, piano rooms, rooftop balcony and a park.

The theater has first-class lighting, acoustics and stage machinery and equipment. Various high-end and advanced equipment creates a great artistic space for editing, directing and performing, satisfying the performance requirements of various large-scale dramas and operas from home and abroad.

The theater is also a high-end performing arts center featuring the incubation of original works, drama education, leisure and dining. It is committed to attracting outstanding artists from both sides of the Taiwan Straits, Hong Kong and Macao, inviting excellent domestic and foreign teams to present original plays, giving full play to their advantages and introducing classic repertoires.

Tel: 89336660

Add: Hekang Road, Pingshan District (坪山区荷康路)

Transport: Take the high-speed rail from Futian Station or Shenzhen North Station to Pingshan Station and then take a taxi

Pingshan Theater