Line 2 and 8 to interchange at Liantang Station

Writer: Wang Jingli  | Editor: Holly Wang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-08-13

A new Metro train for the third phase of Metro Line 2 has arrived at Shenyun Depot in Nanshan District. Shenzhen Special Zone Daily

At present, the third phase of Metro Line 2 and the first phase of Line 8 have completed tunnel construction. These two lines will interchange at Liantang Station and are scheduled to be put into use next year, the Shenzhen Economic Daily reported.

Two new Metro trains designated for the third phase of Metro Line 2 have arrived at Shenyun Depot in Nanshan District, marking the start of tests.

The two new trains are designed to operate at a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour, and the largest one has the capacity to carry a maximum of 2,502 passengers.

The trains are coated with water-soluble paint, making them more environmentally friendly. The doors of the trains have wider areas for passengers to hold on, which will increase safety. A temperature control system that adjusts the temperature according to the number of passengers helps keep the train’s environment comfortable.

Additionally, the trains are equipped with a management system directly connected to the Shenzhen Metro smart operation platform to ensure the timely detection of mechanical failures and safe operation, according to the report.

The entire third phase of Line 2 extends 3.78 kilometers, including three stations, namely Liantang Checkpoint, Xianhu Road and Liantang, all of which are underground.

After the line opens next year, residents will be able to take the Metro to Liantang Checkpoint.

The construction of the tunnel between Shenzhen Foreign Languages School (high school campus) Station and Yantian Station on Metro Line 8 has concluded, marking the completion of all tunnel construction along with the first phase of Line 8.

The first phase of Metro Line 8 starts at Liantang Station, connecting with the third phase of Metro Line 2, and ends at Yantian Road Station, reaching 12.37 kilometers.

It has six underground stations, namely Wutong Mountain South Station, Shatoujiao Station, Haishan Station, Yantian Port West Station, Shenzhen Foreign Languages School Station and Yantian Road Station.

Next, railway laying work will be launched to ensure the operation of the first phase of Metro Line 8, which is scheduled to be ready to open next year.