Catch Phrase | 盲盒 ( máng hé )

Writer: Debra Li  | Editor: Vincent Lin  | From:  | Updated: 2019-09-05


“盲” means “blind,” and “盒” means “boxes.” This term refers to toy figures sold randomly in sealed packages. These toys are often made from high-grade PVC plastic, containing molding details and intricately painted features. Licensed from popular characters in Japanese manga, video games or anime, or from the American showbiz industry, many are considered collector’s items, with rare ones fetching extremely high prices in secondhand markets.


A: 借我五百块钱,周末还你。

Jiè wǒ wǔbǎikuài qián,zhōumò hái nǐ。

Loan me 500 bucks, will you? I will pay you back this weekend.

B: 这段时间你怎么花钱大手大脚?

Zhè duàn shíjiān nǐ zěnme huāqián dàshǒu-dàjiǎo?

It seems you’ve been splashing out lately. Why?

A: 我最近迷上盲盒,忍不住买了太多。

Wǒ zuìjìn míshàng mánghé,rěnbúzhù mǎi le tàiduō。

I’m obsessed with blind-box figures lately and cannot help buying too many of them.