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Comprehensive Hopitals

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Shenzhen People's Hospital

Built in 1946, this largest hospital in Shenzhen originated from Bao'an County People's Hospital and has developed into a modern comprehensive hospital combining medical services, teaching, scientific research and health care. It is the largest 3A-rated hospital (the highest ranking in hospital classification by the Ministry of Health) in Shenzhen and features complete functions, advanced equipment, rational talent structure and strong technical power.

Add: No. 1017, Dongmen Road North, Luohu District

Tel: 0755-25533018

Shenzhen Second People's Hospital

Established in 1979, Shenzhen Second People's Hospital is now a modern comprehensive 3A-rated hospital providing clinical services, disease prevention and rehabilitation services as well as serving as a teaching and research base. It is equipped with high-tech equipment such as MRI, DSA, spiral CT and color ultrasonic.

Add: No. 3002, Sungang W. Road, Futian District

Tel: (0755)83366388

Peking University Shenzhen Hospital

This modern, comprehensive 3A-rated hospital was built by the Shenzhen Municipal Government in cooperation with Peking University with an investment of 450 million yuan. It has become one of the most influential medical institutions, featuring complete functions, advanced equipment, rational talent structure and strong technical power.

The international and VIP health center on the sixth floor of the hospital's outpatient building provides English-language services.

Add: No. 1120, Lianhua Road, Futian District

Tel: (0755)83923333

Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

A large, comprehensive hospital for traditional Chinese medicine built in 1975, the hospital provides medical services, disease prevention service care, health care and medical rehabilitation services as well as serving as a teaching and scientific research center. It is a 3A-rated hospital for traditional Chinese medicine.

Add: Fuhua No. 1 Road, Futian District

Tel: (0755)88359666

The University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital

Located at the Shenzhen Bay, The University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital is a comprehensive public hospital invested fully by the Shenzhen Municipal Government. The hospital utilizes the modern management mode introduced by The University of Hong Kong and undertakes duties of medical services, research and teaching. The hospital began a trial operation in July 2012 and now offers services provided by departments of general practice, medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, orthopedics and traumatology, etc.

The International Medical Center strives to provide such services to meet the unique needs of local and international communities in Shenzhen, with emphasis on ethical practice and human touch.

Add: 1, Haiyuan 1st Road, Futian District

Tel: 0755-86913366 

Shenzhen Kangning Psychiatric Hospital

It is a 3A-rated psychiatric hospital built in 1980. The hospital offers psychiatric therapy, education, research and prevention. The hospital has 560 beds.

Add: No. 1080, Cuizhu Road, Luhu District

Tel: 0755-25603094