Xiaogui, a floating village

Writer:   |  Editor: Lily A  |  From:   |  Updated: 2017-08-31


For those who are eager to escape the hustle and bustle of city life on the weekends, there is no better place than xiaogui, a village over the sea in huiyang district, huizhou city, which is only one-and-a-half-hour’s drive from central shenzhen along the huizhou-shenzhen expressway s360.

Like most fishing villages, xiaogui is embraced on three sides by green hills, overlooking the sea. what attracts tourists most are the fishing rows floating over the sea. the spot has developed into a paradise for fishing lovers.


Take a speedboat from the dock and after several minutes you will get to the cabins floating on the sea. the cabins are made of planks, iron stands, foamed plastics and plastic buckets. under the cabins, there is a whole new world---a paradise of large schools of fish that live on the abundant plankton in the bay.



As the tide rises and falls, the fishing rows undulate slightly. after nightfall, the smell of baking fish wafts across the bay. after a day of work, people treat themselves with delicious food under the moonlight. looking at the stars and drinking wine, people soon get accustomed to the environment and float off to sleep.


As the sun rises, people wobble out of their cabins with eyes half-closed. the sun casts its glorious rays across the sea. basking in the morning sun, some fishing lovers have spent the whole night by the sea and now their weary-looking faces are waiting for their rewards.


Su murong and xu jincai are two fishermen who run the no. 16 speedboat. taking tourists to fish on the sea is one of their jobs. it costs 400 yuan for tourists to experience more than one hour of fishing on the speedboat and they can keep all of the “spoils (fish)”. across the expanse of the shadow seawater region, xu jincai nimbly loosens a 100-meter fishing net that has visible breaks.

While su murong drives the speedboat circling the net, xu jincai calls on tourists to knock sticks together in order to scare the fish into the net. after several minutes, xu begins to draw in the net and the tourists are excited to see fish of different sizes entangled within. they cheer and post the photo of a bucket of fish on their wechat moments. this is the time when xu and su feel the most content.