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Winners awarded for creative design

WINNERS of the Third Shenzhen Design Award for Young Talents (SDAY) were awarded at the Sea World Culture and Arts Center during an awards ceremony


Tai chi master teaches local enthusiasts

Tai chi master Wu Amin gave lessons at the Shenzhen Wanfang Neijia Kungfu Research Inst...


Hilton guangdong recycles used soap for kids

Do you know what happens to your once-used bar soap after you check out of your hotel r...


German piano traveler brings romance to Shenzhen

German street artist Arne Schmitt plays piano in front of the Shenzhen Book City complex.


Intl. print artist explores inner spirit of painting at Guanlan

Japanese print artist Harumi Sonoyama lives in Guanlan Printmaking Village.


Shenzhen University Commencement

Shenzhen University Commencement was held on June 30.


Brazilian strives to bring SZ kids to World Cup

This group of kids, all around eight or nine years old, live in Shenzhen.


Party chief’s official overseas tour to the U.S.

Wang concluded his tour by visiting Boston, Silicon Valley and San Francisco in the U.S...


Party chief’s official overseas tour to Italy

Following the U.K., Wang started his visit to Milan, Italy between June 13 and 14.


Party chief’s official overseas tour to the U.K.

Shenzhen’s Party Chief Wang Weizhong went to London between June 11 and 12.

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