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Expat tastes mouthwatering hairy crabs

Gianni from the Republic of Honduras has also come here with his friend, planning to buy a seasonal indulgence that always makes many local people's mouths water -- hairy crab.

Street life in Baishizhou to be missed

The densely populated village is undergoing large-scale renovation project ...

NBA China Games 2017

In 2004, the NBA staged its first games in China.

To feel like a kid in Bungee workout

Bungee workouts is originated in Thailand.

Kirin, a mythical creature lives in dances

Kirin, a mythical creature lives in dances.

2,000 clean up Shenzhen coast

ABOUT 2,000 people, including more than 30 foreign divers and volunteers, ...

Xiaogui, a floating village

For those who are eager to escape the hustle and bustle of city life on th ...

The Window of the World Beer Festival

The Window of the World Beer Festival


Baoan Industry Development Expo

Bao'an has shown a rapid development and becomes a major economic and indu ...

Tai chi

Tai chi