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Event held to promote proper use of camping tents

Event held to promote proper use of camping tents in parks

IN recent years, the number of people participating in camping has spiked as outdoor activity lovers look to break the monotony of life in the pandemic. More people camping to experience the beauty of nature is wonderful, but it comes at the cost of increased human impact, which is why eco-camping is very important.


Fight the virus, stay with Shenzhen

"Think globally, act locally, this is the core which can be best described ...


Visitors to Dongmen and Huaqiangbei increase

Many stores in Dongmen and Huiqiangbei Pedestrian Precincts have reopened ...


Entry guidances for expats during the epidemic



Robots deliver food amid COVID-19 outbreak

Distribution robots named Candle and Sunny are being used at the Shenzhen ...


City's war on COVID-19

In the beginning of Gengzi Year, China was gripped by a catastrophic epide ...


Japanese director's video on China's virus prevention goes viral

A 10-minute video recording a Chinese city’s COVID-19 prevention and contr ...


We Are All Fighters

A video titled “We Are All Fighters” created by Shenzhen resident Liu Jie ...


We Are Little Fighters

On seeing video footage in which people walk shoulder to shoulder without ...


Happy New Year 2020

Shenzhen Daily wishes you all of the best of luck in 2020.