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Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with Chao Opera

Prior to the Mid-Autumn Festival, Piotr from Poland was invited by the Qingshuihe Chao Opera Association to experience the charm of the folk art with other Chao Opera lovers. With a history of over 600 years, Chao Opera features distinctive characteristics of the Chaoshan area.


Shenzhen University Commencement

On June 30, Shenzhen University Commencement was held at Yuanping Gymnasiu ...


Brazilian strives to bring SZ kids to World Cup

This group of kids, all around eight or nine years old, live in Shenzhen.


Party chief’s official overseas tour to the U.S.

Wang concluded his tour by visiting Boston, Silicon Valley and San Francis ...


Party chief’s official overseas tour to Italy

Following the U.K., Wang started his visit to Milan, Italy between June 13 ...


Party chief’s official overseas tour to the U.K.

Shenzhen’s Party Chief Wang Weizhong went to London between June 11 and 12 ...


16 years' journey of looking for son

During the first several years of searching, Yan Zhiyong looked for his ch ...


Ma Long wins China Open title

Chinese player Ma Long beat compatriot Fan Zhendong 4-1 to win the China O ...


American woman ascends PAFC for rescued dogs

Pamela Code from the U.S. finished the 2018 PAFC International Vertical Ma ...


Sculptor Dai Yun invigorates soul to bricks

Famous sculptor Dai Yun has gradually developed a unique sculpture languag ...