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Qualifications of foreigners employed in China

Writer:   | Editor: Nan Nan  | From:  | Updated: 2017-11-23

Foreigners employed in China should meet the following conditions:

(1) having reached the age of 18 and being physically healthy;

(2) with necessary professional skills and relevant working experience;

(3) no criminal record;

(4) employed by a certain employing unit;

(5) holding a valid passport or other international travel documents which can replace the passport (hereinafter referred to as “replacement document of the passport).

Our government adopts a licensing system for foreigners employed in China. The employment unit shall apply for employment permit for foreigners and the foreigners shall be employed after approval. Foreigner employment permit system in China is divided into three aspects, namely claiming the alien employment license certificate of the People’s Republic of China, applying for a professional visa and dealing with the Foreigner Employment Permit of the People’s Republic of China and the foreigner residence certificate. Foreigners with the approval of the employment permit in China, shall enter a country by holding professional visa (in case that there is visa-free agreement, deal with it according to the agreement), and only can engage in the employment in China upon obtaining the foreigner employment permit and residence certificate after entry.


Source: www.gov.cn