World’s smallest action camera launched

Writer:   | Editor: Lily A  | From:  | Updated: 2018-01-15

SHENZHEN-BASED aviation technology company, AEE, announced the launch of AEE Mokacam, the smallest 4K action camera in the world, during the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that kicked off in Las Vegas, the United States, on Tuesday, the Shenzhen Economic Daily reported Saturday.

AEE Mokacam is an ultra-lightweight 4K action camera perfect for photographic documentation of events in motion, such as hiking, biking, climbing, skydiving, athletics and travel.

Simple and easy to operate, AEE Mokacam has just two buttons — power and function buttons, and it packs tons of quality for excellence in visual documentation. AEE Mokacam includes an ingenious magnetic battery. This not only supplies additional power for extra-long continuous shooting, but doubles as a way to attach the camera to metallic objects such as street signs, a refrigerator, or bike handle bars, for a convenient camera tripod while on the go.

In partnership with SELFLY Camera LLC, AEE also announced the introduction of AEE SELFLY, a smartphone case with an embedded drone, the first device of its kind and first in its class.

AEE SELFLY provides smartphone users the ability to capture amazing selfies at a whole new level of quality and precision, for nearly any event, from any location, and from heights and distances never before possible.

“With a touch of a button, AEE SELFLY flies a mission to capture your selfies from high above, from tight spaces or from a distance, as never possible before. It gives the user options and angles beyond the arm’s length of a selfie stick and is much more convenient than a drone,” he said.

Utilizing high-end stabilization technology, the drone wings of AEE SELFLY enable the device to fly itself at the user’s command, delivering distant, tight angle or higher altitude photo selfies or videos.

As it hovers in the air, AEE SELFLY waits for commands from an intuitive, easy-to-use and free smartphone app to capture that perfect shot from above. AEE SELFLY has a flight time of four minutes with an approximate recharge time of 30 minutes.

Additionally, AEE announced that it will integrate the Qualcomm Flight drone platform to bring advanced functionality to AEE’s consumer drone family of products. Qualcomm Flight will unify AEE’s key drone design platforms, allowing seamless connectivity with cameras, flight control, wireless connectivity and positioning safety protocols.

“We are pleased AEE has chosen Qualcomm Flight to enhance their exciting portfolio of consumer drones,” said Dev Singh, product management director of Qualcomm.