Smart traffic system wins intl. award

Writer:   | Editor: Lily A  | From:  | Updated: 2018-01-16

A JOINT innovation laboratory for smart transportation set up by Shenzhen traffic police in cooperation with Huawei Technologies won the Safety City special award at the 2017 Smart City Summit in Barcelona, Spain, last November.

The laboratory, initiated in July 2017, is an innovation institution for the construction of a highly efficient transportation system. It is an open-ended, intelligent traffic control system based on big data and artificial intelligence.

With the help of big data and new technologies, Shenzhen traffic police have tried to establish a dynamic traffic monitoring system featuring car plate recognition, intelligence-aided law enforcement and traffic light controls that are responsive to vehicle flow.

One of the highlights of the efforts of Shenzhen traffic police in 2017 was implementing these technologies to empower the city’s traffic management, according to the traffic police authority Friday.

Last November, Shenzhen traffic police, in cooperation with app-based bike operators, set up the country’s first Joint Command Center for Shared Transport to manage shared bikes and vehicles. Traffic police also set up 24-hour self-service halls in December so the public can use dispensers to handle vehicle- and driver-related business.

The city now has 3.35 million registered vehicles and the density of vehicles on roads in the city is high for China. The city’s roads hold a total of 510 cars per kilometer on average.

In 2017, police found 14,163 DUI violations, including 5,050 drunk driving cases. The number of fatal accidents dropped by 16.83 percent, decreasing for 13 consecutive years.