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Shenzhen Fashion Week wraps up

Writer:   | Editor: Lily A  | From:  | Updated: 2018-03-20
The a/w 2018 shenzhen fashion week wrapped up yesterday evening at the museum of contemporary art & planning exhibition.


In the name of art, the a/w 2018 shenzhen fashion week was held from march 13 to 19 at shenzhen’s new cultural landmark, the museum of contemporary art & planning exhibition in futian district. throughout the eight days, 80 fashion shows were staged in three showrooms, showcasing the latest trends for the coming season.


Each day the main venue held 12 brand shows and designer collections. at subvenues, fashionistas from home and abroad attended a series of fashion and design events in an effort to elevate shenzhen fashion week into a world-class industry event.


The museum of contemporary art and planning exhibition (mocape) was designed with the functionality of future museum complexes in mind, containing all the various innovative features of a modern information center. 2018 shenzhen fashion week took full advantage of the venue's unique spaces by fusing the theme “art and fashion” with the showroom's design. two international-standard showrooms had a seating capacity of 1,000 each and one showroom for young promising designers accommodates up to 400 people. every one of the brightly-lit showroom have runways that blend seamlessly with the surrounding seats.


Shenzhen fashion week introduced more innovative and top-tier fashion designers and brands from all over the world than ever before. with its strong visual impact, the fashion week attracted a number of big names and guests in fashion industry.


Collections by well-known chinese designer qi gang highlighted the city's signature use of technology by employing molded metal into the linings of his pieces.