Shenyang general aviation base attracts SZ companies

Writer: Zhang Qian  | Editor: 杨梅  | From:  | Updated: 2018-10-31

The press conference of the roadshow yesterday.

THE Shenyang General Aviation Industrial Base organized a roadshow to promote its comprehensive facilities and services for general aviation corporations as well as aviation tourism resources at a hotel in downtown Shenzhen yesterday afternoon.

The industrial base is located in Faku County in Shenyang, the capital city of Liaoning Province in northeastern China. The base has been approved for several national-level titles to conduct experiments and service trial zones for the general aviation industry since its establishment in 2010.

Representatives from Shenzhen’s general aviation industry and associations attended the promotional session. Liu Guoyin, director of the industrial base, introduced some policies that are favorable for the sector to attract business partners from Shenzhen.

“Industries like general aviation, unmanned aircraft, artificial intelligence, culture and tourism have been developing rapidly in Shenzhen, and some enterprises here have become industry leaders in China,” said Liu, “therefore we think it is a great win-win opportunity for both our industrial base and Shenzhen’s companies.”

In particular, the industrial base is targeting unmanned aircraft companies in the city. “Shenzhen is known as the ‘city of unmanned aircraft’ due to its large market share, so it is one of the key cities where we are looking at corporations,” said Zhou Tie, deputy director of the industrial base.

According to Zhou, China’s first trial zone for low-altitude flying was inaugurated at the industrial base last year because of the geographical advantage of its expanse of flatlands. The industrial base officially became a legal area for unmanned aircraft companies to carry out tests and experiments with the approval.

The industrial base is also home to the only assessing center of small-sized aircraft authorized by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, which is very convenient for general aviation companies, said Zhou.

Additionally, the industrial base is attracting tourists with sports and entertainment projects. The director said that China’s general aviation industry got a rather late start in the 1950s, compared with Western countries, but it has been catching up over the last decade.

The county where the general aviation industrial base is located has been approved to be a national-level tourism township of general aviation. Covering an area of 117 square kilometers, the tourism township will be developed into a tourist attraction offering sports, training and entertainment projects related to the general aviation industry.

It is expected that tourists will be able to attend trainings and sit for exams to obtain pilot licenses when the township is completed in the near future, said Zhou.