5G station set up at airport

Writer:   | Editor: Stephanie Yang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-05-06

Ultra high definition displays with 4K resolution have been installed inside Terminal 3 of the Shenzhen International Airport to livecast the landings and takeoffs of planes and the arrival of passengers.

Backed by 5G and AI technologies, the displays at arrival and departure halls enable air passengers to see the plane operations on runways and provide a positive traveling experience that can help them relieve travel fatigue.

The Shenzhen airport became the first mainland airport to start using 5G technologies with the completion of the 5G demonstration zone during the May Day holiday.

The telecast is the beginning of applying 5G and AI technologies. The Shenzhen airport will bring more telecast content to air travelers with the application of the technologies, according to a report by the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, quoting an executive from the Shenzhen airport.

In the future, the telecast will be used for the arrival and transport of luggage. The airport will also consider opening 5G telecast in VIP and business lounges so passengers can view the planes landing and taking off.

In another development, Shenzhen is expected to build about 7,000 5G base stations this year, local authorities said Saturday.

The city also plans to launch 5G for commercial use by 2020, according to the city’s bureau of industry and information technology.

Enterprises based in the tech hub are expected to launch 5G terminal chips in the first half of this year. Smartphones and tablets featuring 5G will be launched gradually from the middle of this year.