Section of riverside expressway to go under sea

Writer: Han Ximin  |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily 

The Qianhai section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Riverside Expressway will be renovated into an undersea tunnel connecting with an extension of Phase II of the Nanping Expressway.

According to an environmental impact report on the project released on the Shenzhen transport bureau official website Tuesday, the project includes renovation of the riverside expressway, Phase II of the Nanping Expressway and the underwater interchange with the riverside expressway, and relocation of the Qianhai tollgate northward.

The project will help improve the radiation capacity of the Qianhai area, road network efficiency in the city’s western area, the road traffic environment and ecological sightseeing landscapes in Qianhai CBD, the report said.

The report showed the 6.42-km renovation section starts from Dachanwan Interchange and goes underground at Xin’an North Road. The undersea tunnel runs 2.28 kilometers, passing Linhai Boulevard, then going above Tinghai Boulevard before it connects with the existing Guangzhou-Shenzhen Riverside Expressway.

The extension of Phase II of Nanping Expressway and undersea interchange include two viaducts, A and B, linking with Dachanwan as well as two other viaducts, C and D, linking with the riverside expressway. It will be a double-layer single tunnel. Viaducts A and B start from the ground-level road of the Mawan Cross-Sea Passage and end at the intersection of Guiwan No. 1 Road and Linhai Boulevard. It is 3.7 kilometers in length including the 2.46-km tunnel section. Viaducts C and D start from the intersection of Hailan Road and the riverside expressway and end at G107 to connect with Nanping Expressway Phase II in the east. The total length is 5.9 kilometers including a tunnel section of 3.29 kilometers.