Spend your summertime vacation on quality islands (III)

Writer: Chen Xiaochun  |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From:   |  Updated: 2021-07-12

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, our thoughts often drift to the seashore. Though our travel may be restricted by the current pandemic, we can still enjoy water-filled vacations on a number of quality island destinations in China.

Xiamen Island, Fujian

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Xiamen Island, alternately known as Amoy Island from its Hokkien pronunciation, is an island in southeastern Fujian Province. It has an area of 155 square kilometers.

For most tourists, Xiamen Island is a starting point for their trip to Fujian, but it also can be an independent tourist destination. You can visit the well-known sites within one day, or you can spend a few days here, take your time and slow down your footpace to better explore the island.

The verdant Dongping Mountain in the middle of the island is connected with the Xiamen Botanical Garden. On the west of the island lie Yundang Lake and Haiwan Park. On the south is the old town where you can find delicacies in time-honored restaurants including wild mushrooms. Renowned tourist sites are located next to each other, so you can easily visit them together. Wuyuan Bay on the north of the island is a heaven for sports lovers.

Xiamen Island is designed for wandering around without haste. In the morning, you can check out the Bashi Market to see all the seafood they have, then treat yourself with the mouthwatering snacks on Zhongshan Road. Later in the day you can taste a cup of fresh ground coffee in a cafe nestled in an old villa on Nanhua Road or Huaxin Road. At night, you can enjoy the craft beer in Shapowei and if you are hungry before the day ends, there is a warm porridge with duck meat waiting for you somewhere around the corner.

Meizhou Island, Fujian

With a coastline of 30.4 kilometers and more than 30 islets and reefs, Meizhou Island is the second-largest island in Putian City and the birthplace of Mazu, a goddess deified in the 10th century to bring peace to the sea. The island is 14.35 square kilometers in size.

Reputed as “Penglai Island in southern China,” Meizhou Island boasts the best coastal tourism resources in southeastern China and is home to more than 30 scenic spots, including the Tide Sound of Crescent Island, Golden Beach, Goose Tail Geological Park, and the Mazu Temple.

Weizhou Island, Guangxi

Weizhou Island of Beihai City is China’s youngest volcanic island as well as Guangxi’s largest, known by all as one of the 10 most beautiful islands in China.

From above, the island looks like jade floating in the ocean. The vegetation covering the island is typical of that for a volcanic sediment-based soil.

The scenery is endowed with an abundance of natural marine life, the rich, fertile volcanic matter surrounding the island having birthed a brilliant and colorful plume of coral reefs. Now the island has complete infrastructure and its hotel and homestay industry is developing rapidly. The Langgu Village Homestay featuring rich local culture is recommended for your stay.