SZ unveils plan for hi-tech zone development

Writer: Han Ximin  |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-02-24

Shenzhen will build its high-tech zone into a world-leading and highly competitive industrial area by 2025, according to the recently released 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) for developing the high-tech zone.

As per the plan, by 2025, research and development expenditure will take up 13.67 percent of the zone’s GDP. Numbers of provincial- and State-level research institutions in the zone will reach 900, State-level high-tech enterprises will reach 7,000 and publicly listed companies will reach 200. The high-tech zone’s revenue will reach 3.18 trillion yuan (US$501 billion).

To achieve these goals, the city will implement a series of engineering projects to improve enterprises’ innovation, expand the industrial clusters of newly emerged industries, optimize innovative and entrepreneurial ecological environment, and demonstrate industrial parks’ low carbon and green development.

The 159-square-kilometer Shenzhen State Hi-Tech Zone has five parks, in Nanshan, Pingshan, Longgang, Bao’an and Longhua districts, respectively. It is one of the six national pilot zones for building world-class high-tech parks.

The Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial Park in Nanshan District (Nanshan Park) will be tasked to expand the capacity of newly emerged and future industries, and be a pinnacle of industrial clusters with global competitiveness and influence, and lay solid foundation for the city’s modern industrial system which is built on its advanced manufacturing industry.

The high-tech industrial parks in Nanshan, Pingshan, Longgang, Bao’an and Longhua will put efforts on new-generation electronic information industry, and industrial clusters of network and communications, semiconductor and integrated circuits, super high-definition displays, intelligent terminals and intelligent sensing. Nanshan, Pingshan and Bao’an high-tech parks will focus on research and application of industrial tools, smart robotics and precision apparatus to increase high-end manufacturing and equipment capabilities. Bao’an Industrial Park will also keep an eye on the ocean economic industry and oceanic equipment development.

The high-tech parks will also seek opportunities for the development of future industries like synthetic biology, blockchain, stem cells and genes, space and sky technologies, neuroscience and cerebro intelligence, visible light communication and optical computing, and quantum information.

The revenue and industrial output value of Shenzhen State Hi-Tech Zone in 2020 reached 2.06 trillion yuan and 785.2 billion yuan respectively. The zone’s GDP reached 706.32 billion yuan in 2020, accounting for a quarter of the city’s total GDP. Shenzhen’s high-tech parks house 5,075 State-level high-tech enterprises, 823 of which reached over 100 million yuan in annual production value each. A total of 142 enterprises have been listed at home and overseas stock markets.