SZ wins 52 GD science and technology awards

Writer: Xia Yuanjie  |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From:   |  Updated: 2022-04-18

A total of 52 projects from Shenzhen won the 2021 Guangdong Science and Technology Awards, according to the results released Friday during a provincial sci-tech innovation convention held in Guangzhou.

The number of the city’s winning projects ranks second in Guangdong. They consist of four natural science awards, five technological invention awards and 43 scientific and technological progress awards, accounting for 18.2%, 41.7% and 30.3% of each category in the province respectively.

Among those projects, enterprises participated in 36 of them, accounting for 69.2%. Enterprises and higher education institutes cooperated in 34 projects, which indicates that enterprises’ innovative development tends to use resources from industry, universities and research.

Shenzhen University won the most awards among the city’s winning enterprises and institutions, with 12 research items led or completed by the university garnering prizes in all three award categories. Its project named “Theory and Approaches of Data Safety in Complicated User Environment” in the natural science category was selected for first prize.

Shenzhen-headquartered electric automobile manufacturer BYD brought home the special award in the science and technology progress category. Its project “Key Technologies and Industrialization of High-end Electricity Powered Vehicles” was recognized by experts, with its overall performance reaching the international advanced level. It boasts leading technologies such as the blade battery and the integrated structure for charging and drive.

In the scientific and technological progress category, a first-prize winning project called “Key Technology and Application of Fully Autonomous Service Robot” was jointly completed by Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Sciences of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shenzhen UBTECH Robotics Co.

During the pandemic, the project has provided a contactless solution for designated hospitals, offering intelligent guidance, automatic body temperature detection and disinfection. With recommendations from the United Nations Development Program, the solution has been adopted and applied in 15 countries.

In the scientific and technological progress category, a project led by China Guangdong Nuclear Research Institute Co. Ltd., participated by China Nuclear Power Engineering Co. and CGNPC Inspection Technology, won first prize. Their proposed technologies for replacement of used nuclear fuel and equipment maintenance can improve work efficiency, reduce workers’ exposure to radiation and ensure nuclear safety.

An official of the city’s science, technology and innovation commission said that the total number of Shenzhen’s winning projects this year is the same as last year, however, the city grabbed more first and special prizes this time.