Thai movies to be shown at Broadway Cinematheque

Writer: Cao Zhen  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-09-14

Seven Thai movies will be shown at the Broadway Cinematheque in Nanshan District from Sept. 22 to 26. All movies are in their original languages with Chinese and English subtitles except for “Bad Genius” that has Chinese subtitles only. Moviegoers can check the WeChat miniprograms “百老汇影城” or “猫眼” for schedules and tickets.

‘The Master’ (2014)

Plot: “The Master” is a documentary about a video store in 1990s Thailand, which established the independent cinema scene by selling pirated VHS tapes of indie U.S., European and Asian films.

‘Mysterious Object at Noon’ (2000)

Plot: Director Apichatpong Weerasethakul shared his appetite for experimentation to Thai cinema with his debut feature, “Mysterious Object at Noon,” an uncategorizable work that refracts documentary impressions of his homeland through the surrealist concept of the exquisite corpse game. Enlisting locals to contribute improvised narration to a simple tale, Weerasethakul charts the collective construction of the fiction as each new encounter imbues it with unpredictable shades of fantasy and pathos.

                                                                                       "Bad Genius"

‘Bad Genius’ (2017)

Plot: Lynn, a genius high school student who makes money by cheating on tests, receives a new task that leads her to set foot in Australia. To complete a millions-Baht task, Lynn and her classmates have to finish the international STIC (SAT) exam and deliver the answers back to her friends in Thailand prior to the exam.

                                                                                       "Tears of the Black Tiger"

‘Tears of the Black Tiger’ (2000)

Plot: Dum, the son of a farmer falls in love with Rumpoey, the daughter of a wealthy family. The star-crossed lovers are torn apart for years, but their forbidden love survives. When tragedy strikes, Dum unleashes his rage and becomes the “Black Tiger,” the gun-slinging outlaw who will stop at nothing to seek his revenge.

                                                                                               "Heart Attack"

‘Heart Attack’ (2015)

Plot: A hard-working freelancer falls in love with a doctor. While his life is getting worse every second, he must find a way to make his life worth living.

                                                                                              “Die Tomorrow”

‘Die Tomorrow’ (2017)

Plot: “Die Tomorrow” entails six short segments about the impermanence of life, all inspired by deaths reported in Thai daily newspapers.

                                                                               "Taxi Driver (Citizen I)"

‘Taxi Driver (Citizen I)’ (1977)

Plot: A farmer saves up for years to move to Bangkok in hopes of making a better life.

Venue: Broadway Cinematheque, inside MixC World, Nanshan District (南山区万象天地内百老汇电影中心)

Metro: Line 1 to Hi-tech Park Station (高新园站), Exit A