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22 firms recognized as trade headquarters enterprises

Writer:   |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-09-22

Shenzhen's commerce bureau has recently announced the list of the first batch of the city’s trade-oriented headquarters enterprises.

Well-known enterprises such as Jiangxi Copper (Shenzhen) International Investment Holdings Co., Walmart (China), Eternal and Telling Telecommunication are among the 22 recognized enterprises, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported.

Trade-based headquarters enterprises refer to domestic and foreign enterprises’ headquarters set up in Shenzhen, with procurement, distribution, marketing, settlement, logistics and other single or integrated trade functions. These include traditional and platform-based trade enterprises engaged in transaction aggregation or supporting services.

This February, Shenzhen formulated the Implementation Guidelines on Supporting the Development of Trade-based Headquarters Enterprises (for Trial Implementation). At the end of May, the municipal commerce bureau officially launched the application process for trade-based headquarters enterprises, as a way to spur the pulling effect of consumption on Shenzhen’s economic development, enhance global resource allocation and help the city accelerate the construction of a globally important trade center.

Shenzhen will encourage financial institutions to carry out strategic cooperation with trade-based headquarters enterprises and broaden financing channels through unified credit granting, asset restructuring, bond issuance and equity investment, the Daily report said.

Priority will be given to trade-oriented headquarters enterprises to participate in pilot programs related to market-based interest rate reform, the internationalization of RMB and digital yuan, according to the report.