Exploring wonderful wetlands in Shenzhen

Writer: Cao Zhen  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-11-11

President Xi Jinping recently announced that China will build an international mangrove center in Shenzhen. Wetlands play an important role in ecological systems and in recent years Shenzhen has been stepping up wetland protection. This weekend, let’s explore some local parks with picturesque wetlands.

Futian Mangrove Ecological. Wang Haolan

Futian District

Futian Mangrove Ecological Park 福田红树林生态公园

Located in the northeast estuary of Shenzhen Bay where Xinzhou River and Shenzhen River meet, Futian Mangrove Ecological Park is in the east side of the Futian Mangrove Nature Reserve, the only nature reserve in an urban area in China. Opposite the park is Hong Kong Mai Po Nature Reserve, which also constitutes part of the Shenzhen Bay wetland ecosystem.

Shenzhen is an important stopover for migratory birds’ journeys along the East Asia-Australia Flyway. There are more than 100 species of birds and about 100,000 migratory birds flying here to spend the winter. The nature reserve, a paradise for birds and home to a wide range of plants, has been acclaimed for many years as one of the 10 most beautiful wetlands in Guangdong. 

On Nov. 9, Futian Mangrove Ecological Park snatched Star Wetland Center Award. The Old Site of Shazui Wharf (沙嘴码头旧址) in the park is an ideal spot for observing black-faced spoonbills.

Metro: Line 7 to Shawei Station (沙尾站), Exit B, and then walk southward for 1.1 km

Shenzhen Central Park. Photo from WeChat account "itravelshenzhen" 

Shenzhen Central Park 深圳中心公园

Covering 147 hectares, Shenzhen Central Park is in the heart of Futian District. With lots of greenery, lakes and Futian River, the park is spacious and peaceful, and has multiple entrance gates.

Metro: Line 3 or 7 to Huaxin Station (华新站), Exit D; Line 2 or 7 to Huaqiang North Station (华强北站), Exit C; Line 3 or 10 to Lianhuacun Station (莲花村站), Exit B

Nanshan District

OCT National Wetland Park 华侨城国家湿地公园

OCT National Wetland Park. Photos by Wang Haolan

In Overseas Chinese Town, there are not only Window of the World and Happy Valley but also a national wetland park. Its 50,000-square-meter mangrove wetland is an important habitat for birds. An exhibition hall, bird-watching spots and a school in the park help the public know more about wetland natural resources. The park also snatched Star Wetland Centre Award this week. Make an appointment on the park’s WeChat account “OCT_Wetland” before your visits.

Metro: Line 9 to Shenwan Station (深湾站), Exit C

Shenzhen Bay Park. Photos by Wang Haolan

Shenzhen Bay Park 深圳湾公园

The Futian Mangrove Nature Reserve connects Shenzhen Bay Park in the west, which forms a pretty large area. Along the meandering mangroves, visitors can have spectacular views of migratory birds gathering here from September to May every year. The park is a perfect place for people to ramble and experience nature. The Mangrove Coastal Ecological Park (红树林海滨生态公园) and the Sunrise Theater (日出剧场) areas in the massive Shenzhen Bay Park are popular places to observe birds.

Metro: Line 9 to Shenzhen Bay Park Station (深圳湾公园站), Exit D2

Jiuxiangling Wetland Park. Photo from Nanfang Plus

Jiuxiangling Wetland Park 九祥岭湿地公园

As part of the Dasha River Ecological Corridor, Jiuxiangling Wetland Park is located north of Liuxian Boulevard and west of Dasha River. The park has a lake and greenway, providing residents a spot for relaxation and an opportunity to get close to nature.

Metro: Line 5 or 7 to Xili Station (西丽站), Exit D

Luohu District

Honghu Park 洪湖公园

Honghu Park Photo from WeChat account "mlszgzh"

With three lakes inside, Honghu Park is almost entirely covered by water and is famous for abundant lotus flowers in summer and russet-red bald cypresses (落羽杉) in winter. Egrets flying around the lakes add a beautiful touch to the picturesque urban park.

Metro: Line 7 to Honghu Station (洪湖站), Exit A

Donghu Park Cao Zhen

Donghu Park 东湖公园

Donghu Park connects Wutong Mountain in the east and Shenzhen Reservoir to the north. The lakes in the park are surrounded by lush and verdant aquatic plants.

Metro: Line 5 or 7 to Tai’an Station (太安站), Exit C and then walk eastward for 1.1 km

Yantian District

Enshang Wetland Park 恩上湿地公园

Enshang Wetland Park. Photo from WeChat account "ytrmwx"

In Enshang Wetland Park on Wutong Mountain, you can enjoy an ocean of various flowers, well-preserved trees and the Enshang Reservoir. You can get an amazing view of the mountain and the sea in Yantian. 

Metro: Line 8 to Haishan Station (海山站), Exit C and then walk northward and climb Wutong Mountain

Longhua District

Guanlan River Wetland Park 观澜河湿地公园

Guanlan River Wetland Park. Photos from WeChat account "Longhua-Shenzhen"

Located on the west bank of Guanlan River, the park, with several artificial wetlands, is famous for its water canna (水生美人蕉), a wetland plant with explosive, firecracker-shaped red blooms. Standing on a viewing platform, one can enjoy the river scenery that includes frequent visits by egrets.

Metro: Line 4 to Zhucun Station (竹村站), Exit D

Bao’an District

Xiwan Mangrove Park 西湾红树林公园

Xiwan Mangrove Park. Photos from WeChat account "itravelshenzhen"

Acclaimed as one of the best places to view sunsets in Shenzhen, Xiwan Mangrove Park is a coastal leisure hotspot with several viewing platforms, vast greenery and mangroves. Taking a stroll on the greenway in the park is an enjoyment you won’t want to miss.

Metro: Line 1 to Gushu Station (固戍站), Exit D and then walk eastward for 1.5km

Waterlands Resort 海上田园

Waterlands Resort Photo from WeChat account "itravelshenzhen"

Located on the east bank of Pearl River estuary, Waterlands Resort is an important part of the estuary wetland system. The park has rich mangrove and shrub species, including Kandelia Candel (秋茄), Aegiceras (桐花树) and holy mangrove (老鼠勒).

Tickets: 60 yuan (Discounts are offered for children, seniors, the disabled and soldiers)

Metro: Line 20 to Convention & Exhibition City Station (会展城站), Exit D

Wanfeng Lake Wetland Park 万丰湖湿地公园

Wanfeng Lake Wetland Park. Photo from Bao'an Daily

Surrounded by industrial plants, the park is small but delicate. Idling in the park while surrounded by bushes and flowers is a special delight.

Metro: Line 11 to Tangwei Station (塘尾站), Exit D

Haoxiang Lake Park 蚝乡湖公园

Haoxiang Lake Park. Photo from Bao'an Daily

Haoxiang Lake Park is connected to four urban rivers: Pailao River, Xinqiao River, Wanfeng River and Tantou River. It plays an important role in flood control and pollution interception. Through urban renewal, the space surrounding the lake has been transformed into a waterfront park with a pedestrian loop connecting the four riverside spaces. The park was shortlisted in the landscape project category of Dezeen Awards 2021.

Metro: Line 11 to Houting Station (后亭站), Exit B

Shiyan Wetland Park 石岩湿地公园

Shiyan Wetland Park. Photo from Shenzhen Special Zone Daily

The vast Shiyan Lake is surrounded by Shiyan Wetland Park, Shiyan Reservoir, Qingcaopai Park (青草排公园) and Moshanghua Park (陌上花公园). Running on the 30.5-km Shiyan Lake Greenway, one can enjoy the tranquil and soothing environment around the lake.

Metro: Line 6 to Shangwu Station (上屋站), Exit B and then take a taxi

Yanluo Wetland Park 燕罗湿地公园

Yanluo Wetland Park. Photo from WeChat account "itravelshenzhen"

Yanluo Wetland Park on the south bank of Maozhou River used to be a stinky shoal. Through ecological management, the wetland has greatly improved the overall water quality. With reed marshes and lush greenery, the park is a popular relaxing spot.

Metro: Line 6 to Songgang Park Station (松岗公园站), Exit D and then take a taxi

Pingshan District

Pingshan Wetland Park 坪山湿地公园

Pingshan Wetland Park. Photo from "pingshanfb"

As a component of sponge-city construction and river improvement, 10 wetlands have been built along Pingshan River in recent years. On its north bank, Pingshan Wetland Park is small but has a peaceful landscape and is host to a variety of birds.

Metro: Line 14 to Shatian Station (沙田站), Exit D and then take a taxi

Julongshan Ecological Park 聚龙山生态公园

Julongshan Ecological Park. Photo from "itravelshenzhen"

Julongshan Ecological Park, 3 km north of Pingshan Wetland Park, is very spacious with massive greenery and lakes.

Metro: Line 14 to Shatian Station (沙田站), Exit D and then take a taxi

Longgang District

Pingdi Wetland Park 坪地湿地公园

Pingdi Wetland Park. Photo from WeChat account "longgangfabu"

On the east bank of Longgang River, Pingdi Wetland Park has vast water area with abundant plants.

Metro: Line 3 to Shuanglong Station (双龙站), Exit B and then take a taxi

Guangming District

Loucun Wetland Park 楼村湿地公园

 Loucun Wetland Park. Photo from WeChat account "gmwentitong"

The park is famous for large fields of flowers such as rapeseed, sunflower and canna indica (美人蕉).

Metro: Line 6 to Loucun Station (楼村站), Exit B

Ejingshui Wetland Park 鹅颈水湿地公园

Ejingshui Wetland Park. Photos from WeChat account "aiszgm"

The park was built for ecological management and wetland protection. Currently there are more than 130 species of plants, offering a nice habitat for birds and insects.

Metro: Line 6 to Fenghuang Town Station (凤凰城站), Exit D and then take a taxi

Xinpitou South Wetland Park 新陂头南湿地公园

Xinpitou South Wetland Park. Photo from WeChat account "aiszgm"

The park was built for ecological management and flood control. Now the water quality and biodiversity have been improved in the park.

Metro: Line 6 to Science Park Station (科学公园站), Exit A and then walk northward for 1.1 km

Dapeng New Area

Dongchong Mangrove Wetland Park 东涌红树林湿地园

Dongchong Mangrove Wetland Park. Photos from WeChat account "idapeng_cn"

Located in Nan’ao, the park is famous for its exuberant excoecaria agallocha (海漆), a mangrove species. Bridges, planks and hiking trails connect the wetlands in the park.

Baguang Tulip Mangrove Wetland Park 坝光银叶树湿地园

Baguang Tulip Mangrove Wetland Park. Wang Lie

As a less-visited park in Shenzhen, this park boasts beautiful views of tulip mangroves which have a silvery appearance of the underside of the leaves. The ecological environment of Baguang is well maintained and there are beaches with volcanic rock features, which are perfect for weekend vacations.

Hetang Wetland Park 禾塘湿地公园

Hetang Wetland Park. Photo from WeChat account "idapeng_cn"

On the foot of Qiniang Mountain, the park has a 20,000-square-meter mangrove forest and three artificial islands. Its 7,000-square-meter hairawn muhly (粉黛乱子草) grass field with its pink cloudlike appearance attracts visitors to take photos.

It’s suggested that you drive to Dapeng.