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Poland eager to show tech prowess, seek cooperation

Writer: Yang Mei  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-11-17

At the 24th China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF), the country’s largest and most influential annual tech event, every participant has an ace up their sleeve to impress visitors and potential business partners. Poland, one of the 30 foreign participants at CHTF, is also seizing the opportunity to show its tech prowess and explore possible cooperation with Chinese companies.

“We want to take this platform to let Chinese companies and consumers know that Poland is also a country where many new technologies are being developed. So, there may be some cooperation between China and Poland to work together to develop better solutions for the future,” Aleksandra Smolak, a business development manager from the Polish Investment & Trade Agency (PAIH), told Shenzhen Daily in an interview Tuesday afternoon.

According to Smolak, it’s their second time to be at the tech fair, and they’ve brought a delegation of six Polish companies specializing in a wide range of fields to seek partnerships, including IT products and solutions, advanced chemical products, VR products and educational robots. She added: “This time, PAIH is joining hands with the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Guangzhou to represent Polish capacity in technologies and solutions.”

A booth of Poland at CHTF. Yang Mei

Smolak specially mentioned GlassDeep, a Polish startup set up in 2016 focusing on innovations and solutions for underwater facilities. “GlassDeep develops technology for the production of underwater window inserts using mineral glass, which is a very special glass for underwater sightseeing that can be used in underwater environments like underwater restaurants,” she said.

Smolak is very proud of Poland’s technological strengths. She introduced that Poland is “one of the leading countries in Europe in terms of new technologies in all fields.” She listed that well-known fields include electronic payments, biometric recognition, data storage and protection, cosmetics, telemedicine, antivirus software, computer games and cyber security.

Smolak believes that there are countless possibilities for Poland and China to cooperate in the above-mentioned fields. “China is a country that not only works to develop new solutions, but also applies them in real life. China always needs solutions, and we believe we have all these technologies in Poland,” she said.

Smolak thinks of this year’s fair as “high-level and well-organized.” She also noticed that foreign participants are demonstrating various products, and hoped to exchange information and look for future cooperation at the fair.