Abbas Kiarostami retrospective film show to open soon

Writer: Cao Zhen  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-11-28

From Dec. 2 to 22, “The Wind Will Carry Us: Abbas Kiarostami Retrospective” will feature 10 movies directed by Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami (1940-2016) at Broadway’s two cinemas in Shenzhen.

All 10 films are in their original languages with six having both English and Chinese subtitles and four having Chinese subtitles only.

Movies with English and

Chinese subtitles

‘24 Frames’ (2017)

Plot: “24 Frames” is a collection of 24 short films inspired by still images, including paintings and photographs. It was an experimental project in the last three years of Kiarostami’s life.


‘Homework’ (1989)

Plot: In this documentary, Kiarostami asks a number of students about their school homework. The answers of some children show the darker side of the method of their education.

‘The Traveler’ (1974)

Plot: A troublesome, amoral 10-year-old boy in a small Iranian town wishes to see the national soccer team play an important match in Tehran. In order to achieve that, he scams his friends and neighbors.

"Certified Copy"

‘Certified Copy’ (2010)

Plot: In Tuscany to promote his latest book, a middle-aged British writer (William Shimell) meets a French woman (Juliette Binoche) who leads him to the village of Lucignano. While there, a chance question reveals something very deep.

‘Taste of Cherry’ (1997)

Plot: Badii is intent on killing himself and seeks someone to bury him after his demise. Driving around the city, he meets with numerous people, including a student, asking them to take on the job, but initially he has little luck. Eventually, Badii finds a man who is up for the task.

"The Wind Will Carry Us"

‘The Wind Will Carry Us’ (1999)

Plot: Irreverent city engineer Behzad comes to a rural village in Iran to keep vigil for a dying relative. The film follows his efforts to fit in with the local community and how he changes his own attitudes as a result.

Movies with Chinese subtitles only

‘Where Is the Friend’s House?’ (1987)

Plot: Ahmed, 8, has mistakenly taken his friend Mohammad’s notebook. He wants to return it, or else his friend will be expelled from school. Determinedly, the conscientious boy sets out to find Mohammad’s home in the neighboring village.

‘Life, and Nothing More …’ (1992)

Plot: A director and his son return to a region damaged by the Guilan earthquake, hoping to find the children who appeared in his film a few years earlier.

"Through the Olive Trees"

‘Through the Olive Trees’ (1994)

Plot: The film focuses on one of the events in “Life, and Nothing More …” and explores the relationship between the film director and the actors. The local actors play a couple who got married right after the earthquake. In reality, the actor is trying to persuade the actress that they should get married.

‘Close-up’ (1990)

Plot: This fiction-documentary hybrid uses a sensational real-life event — the arrest of a young man on charges that he fraudulently impersonated the well-known filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf — as the basis for a stunning, multi-layered investigation into movies, identity, artistic creation and existence, in which the real people from the case play themselves.

Venue 1: Broadway Cinematheque, 5/F, MixC World, Nanshan District (华润万象天地五楼深圳百老汇电影中心)

Metro: Line 1 to Hi-tech Park Station (高新园站), Exit A

Venue 2: Palace LUXE Cinema, 4/F, Raffles City, Nanshan District (来福士广场四楼深圳百丽宫影城)

Metro: Line 9 or 12 to Nanyou Station (南油站), Exit E