Shenzhen in Bloom: Cherry blossoms flourish in Fairy Lake Botanical Garden

Writer: Liu Minxia  |  Editor: Liu Minxia  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2023-02-15

Editor’s note:

Spring is in full swing, which is great news for flower lovers. From adorable trumpet-shaped flowers to delicate cherry blossoms to undulating yellow rapeseed flower carpets, flowering plants adorn Shenzhen all year around, but more prominently in this season. It’s not difficult to find a small sea of flowers in this city with 1,260 parks, and these colorful buds are even ubiquitous along busy streets amid all their hustle and bustle. This series, “Shenzhen in Bloom,” will give a glimpse of these picturesque places to celebrate abundance as well as beauty in the natural world of Shenzhen.

While this serene wonderland encompassing more than 500 hectares may host a large variety of flora, few blooms are more eye-catching in the springtime than the cherry blossoms bursting pink and white in Fairy Lake Botanical Garden. Symbolizing the return of spring, cherry blossoms are flourishing in the park’s peach blossom collection, where peach blossoms are also visible. Spending an afternoon underneath the fleeting bloom is a great way to recharge oneself. Peak blooms are fairly short-lived, and only some of the five species of 986 cherry blossom trees in the park will bloom until the end of February, according to the park management. So if you don't have an opportunity to experience the park in person, as an alternative, check out the photos. They may inspire you to be sure to experience it next spring!

Fairy Lake Botanical Garden

Add: 160 Xianhu Road, Liantang Subdistrict, Luohu District (罗湖区莲塘街道仙湖社区仙湖路160号仙湖植物园)

Tickets: 15 yuan per adult; 5 yuan per minor

Metro: Line 2 to Xianhu Road Station (仙湖路站), Exit C

Cherry blossoms in Fairy Lake Botanical Garden's peach blossom collection. Photos from Wechat accounts of the garden and Shenzhen Look