Meteorological aesthetic landscapes unveiled

Writer: Han Ximin  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2023-03-21

Shenzhen Meteorological Observatory unveiled the first batch of eight meteorological aesthetic landscapes Sunday in celebration of the 63rd World Meteorological Day that falls on Thursday.

The eight landscapes include Shenzhen Astronomical Observatory, Qiniang Mountain, Meisha, Wutong Mountain, Shenzhen Mangrove Park, Yangtai Mountain, Shenzhen Bay Park and the Light of Bay Area Ferris wheel in Bao’an Coastal Cultural Park.

Residents visiting the landscapes can log on to the observatory’s official website for the “Shenzhen Meteorological Aesthetic Landscapes Activity” section that will be open to the public later, and press the “arrived” button. The system can mark one’s location and highlight a site logo after one shares his or her mark via social media platforms.

Within a year, residents can get an electronic certificate bearing the observatory’s seal if eight sites are highlighted.

To mark the 63rd World Meteorological Day, a forum was held at the Dasha River Ecological Corridor on Sunday to share scientific knowledge about weather, climate and water with the public.

Sunrise at Shenzhen Bay Park. Photos by Sun Yuchen

Birds in the sunset at Shenzhen Bay Park. 

Visitors observe birds at Futian mangrove Feb. 2.

People spend lesiure time at Meisha beach, Yantian District.