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Dachan Bay receives 1st ocean fishing vessels

Writer: Chen Siqi  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2023-03-24

Two Chinese-flag ocean fishing vessels loaded with 327 metric tons of tuna docked at Dachan Bay in Bao’an District on Tuesday after over two years’ offshore operations in the Pacific Ocean.

This is the first time for ocean fishing vessels to berth at Dachan Bay Terminals, after it was planned to build into an international tuna trading center, Shenzhen TV reported Thursday.

One of the two Chinese-flag ocean fishing vessels loaded with tuna that docked at Dachan Bay in Baoan. Song Wangqun

This move shows that Shenzhen is stepping forward to build the medium- and high-end aquatic product area in Dachan Bay Terminals. Previously, vessels finished their offshore operations would dock at Yantian Port.

Accompanied by resounding work songs, workers dragged loads of tuna onto the shore with the help of two cranes early Wednesday morning. The fish were transferred onshore awaiting further processing.

Media reports said that the two vessels — Zhongyang 16 and Zhongyang 88 — started their journey in June 2020 and April 2021, respectively, and have caught a total of 1,200 metric tons of ocean fishing products, with a yearly volume reaching 500 metric tons, up 100 metric tons than the upmost number in the previous years. The vessels eventually carried 327 metric tons of tuna back to Dachan Bay, and after unloading cargos, the two vessels will make their voyage to Jiangmen for repair.

Xie Xie, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Shuiwan Ocean Fishing Co. Ltd., said some of the 327 metric tons of tuna will be exported overseas, while the others will be sold to domestic restaurants in coastal cities.

“The simplified declaration procedures helped us speed up the rate of flow for the fishing products, thus accelerating the capital. The products can make it all the way to customers’ tables in two days after further processing,” Xie said.

Dachan Bay frontier inspection station has taken optimized measures for declaration, port loading and unloading, and customs examination in order to accelerate customs clearance. The measures help prevent the fishing products from spoiling and save enterprises’ operation costs.

Shenzhen has planned to build an international tuna trading center at Dachan Bay in Bao’an District, which aims to turn the center into a place integrating medium- and high-end aquatic product storage, trading, auction, exhibition, consumption and sightseeing, according to the city’s modern fishing industry development plan (2022-2025) that released last year.