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At Canton Fair, French perfumer eyes China's raw materials, brands

Writer:   |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Xinhua  |  Updated: 2023-05-05

Attending conferences and meeting with old friends and business partners, French perfumer Janek Kozeluh has a tight timetable for April.

Still, he squeezed time to attend the Canton Fair in Guangzhou.

“It is my great pleasure to come to the Canton Fair again for many interesting new products. It is really impressive,” said Kozeluh.

Kozeluh, who started his company Aroma-France about 40 years ago in Europe, sells aromatic concentrate to his customers, allowing big cosmetics brands to blend their own products by using the concentrate provided.

In the 1980s, Kozeluh got the chance to visit China. He attended the Canton Fair for the first time, looking for unique raw materials ideal for his concentrate products.

As Kozeluh recalled, agricultural products used to account for a large proportion of the exhibition. It was easy to find interesting leaves, sticks, roots and flowers that European and American customers had never tried to use in creating perfumes, said Kozeluh.

“Today I have cooperation with Chinese suppliers for raw materials, also for packaging, glass bottles, cartons, pumps, jar caps and everything about cosmetics,” said Kozeluh.

As a country with a variety of climates and a long history, China has a tradition of investigating and using natural materials, including different herbs and flowers.

Also, with its economy developing at a rapid speed, China has seen more original and innovative products in recent years. These are the key elements that Kozeluh thinks could catalyze the emergence of China’s original perfume brands.

“China is on the verge of creating its own brands, because it has a long history, various raw materials, and all the opportunities to succeed. Very soon there will be famous Chinese perfume brands,” Kozeluh said.

The process of creating China’s own famous brands, according to Kozeluh, can be challenging due to severe competition and the high risk of original product failure.