Three new parks open in town

Writer: Cao Zhen  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2023-05-12

Yunhai Park 云海公园

The Yunhai Forest Service Station at Yunhai Park in Yantian District. Photos by Lin Jianping unless otherwise stated

Tucked away in clouds, mists, forests and mountains, Yunhai Park on the south of Meishajian Mountain (梅沙尖) and Sanzhoutang Reservoir (三洲塘水库) in Yantian District is an exciting place for sightseeing.

Its 4,000-square-meter grassland is ideal for leisurely walks, reading and picnics. The park’s cruise ship-like Yunhai Forest Service Station is quite spectacular. Standing on the station’s balconies, one can have a panoramic view of Yantian Port. At a coffee shop with a reading area inside the station, visitors can enjoy the scenic views while sipping delicious coffee. In the future, the station will become a comprehensive service center with cultural, leisure and science popularization functions.

After relaxing at Yunhai Park, hikers can explore Meishajian Mountain to experience a sunset at its 753-meter peak. The mountain was selected by the city’s mountaineering and outdoor sports association as one of the 10 most popular peaks in Shenzhen in 2020.

Metro: Line 8 to Haishan Station (海山站), Exit B, then walk southward along Haishan Road to take a shuttle bus named “云海专线” and get off at the “三洲塘水库路口” terminal. The shuttle bus only runs on weekends and holidays, operation hours from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. (uphill) and from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (downhill).

Wuzhiba Forest Park (Guangming) 五指耙森林公园(光明片区)

Panda sculptures dot a grassland at Wuzhiba Forest Park (Guangming). Photo from WeChat account “aiszgm”

Covering 238,000 square meters, Wuzhiba Forest Park in Guangming District connects Wuzhiba Park in Bao’an District. Residents can jog on a 650-meter-long trail for mild exercise, while hikers can try a 4-kilometer-long trail winding down the mountain and children can play with various facilities on a playground.

Appreciating blooming flowers while walking along the greenway, one can feel like being in a landscape painting. On a viewing platform on the mountaintop, one can overlook the entire park with lush trees and flowers.

With the “sponge city” concept, the park fully utilizes ecological grassed waterways, detention ponds and sunken green spaces to absorb, retain and slowly release rainwater, achieving urban management on flood control, water purification and water storage. The park’s parking lot is also installed with grass block pavers, an eco-friendly mixture of road and grass which encourage water infiltration and prevent rainwater runoff.

Metro: Line 6 to Changzhen Station (长圳站), Exit C and then take a taxi

Western Coast Vitality Belt Bao’an Model Section 西部海岸活力带宝安示范段

A glance at Western Coast Vitality Belt Bao’an Model Section with the Bay Glory Ferris wheel in the background. Photo from WeChat account “szscgj6”

Western Coast Vitality Belt Bao’an Model Section is the extension of Binhai Culture Park (滨海文化公园). At the new section, one can not only take a snapshot with the Bay Glory Ferris wheel in the background, but also can relax on a 1.5-meter-long coastal trail, passing by bird-watching platforms and mangrove forests.

Metro: Line 5 to Linhai Station (临海站), Exit B2 and then cross the bridge