French musical 'Don Juan' starts China tour
The French musical “Don Juan” has embarked on a tour of China, an event timed to coincide with celebrations for the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France this year. In Shenzhen, it will be staged at Shenzhen Poly Theater on April 19-21.
Exhibition pays homage to Chen Hanmin's design
The 1985-version Chinese coins, national model work medals, the People’s Bank of China logo, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China logo, and China’s public information graphic symbols, these iconic designs by master Chen Hanmin (1931-2022) are on display at a new exhibition at the Guan Shanyue Art Museum, in a tribute to the rich tapestry of Chinese design history.
Classic clothing gaining popularity in Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, 90-year-old Wong and her friends decided to dress up in traditional Chinese hanfu, don elegant makeup, and get their photos taken for a birthday party.
Events mark 60 years of Sino-French diplomatic ties
The 19th Croisements Festival will bring a series of engaging activities and events across South China to celebrate 60 years of Sino-French diplomatic ties and fruitful collaborations, according to a press conference at the Jupiter Museum of Art in Shenzhen on Wednesday.
Weekend Fun | Temple fair, exhibitions, concerts and more
Temple fair, exhibitions, concerts and more will bring fun to you during the weekend in the city.
Acclaimed films flourish in SZ Art Film Screening in April
In the Chinese film market, April is usually considered an off-peak season with no major holidays and fewer blockbuster releases. However, this year proves to be anything but lackluster, as several award-winning and acclaimed films will be screened. The Shenzhen Art Film Screening project has also selected some of these films for discounted screenings.
'The Challenge' actress tells behind-the-scenes stories
​Russian movie "The Challenge," which is now being screened in China, fictionalizes the story of a female surgeon sent to space to perform an operation on an injured cosmonaut.
A guide to cross-border transport payment cards
The Octopus — China T-Union Card, a new addition to the realm of cross-border transport payment cards, was released March 26. Alongside existing options like Hu Tong Xing and Lingnan Pass • Octopus, let’s take a look at the distinctions among these cards.
Weekend Fun | Mucha exhibition, animation season, concert & more
Mucha exhibition, animation season, concert and more will bring fun to you during the weekend in the city.
A bizarre fusion of classics in Xu Zhen's exhibition
A twisted and monumental ancient Greek pillar winds sinuously like a snake, classic Western statues engage in the intricate thousand-hand bodhisattva dance, an ancient Chinese pottery figure dons a Nigerian Bini mask, and another ancient female Chinese pottery figure appears to be tending to the Sleeping Hermaphroditus. These surreal scenes form part of a new exhibition at the Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning.
Expat Explorer | PHBS Intl. Culture Day, qingtuan making & more
Here is a guide on exploring PHBS Intl. Culture Day, qingtuan making and more activities in the city.
Sanyuesan temple fair unveils delights
The Sanyuesan Temple Fair of Beidi (the North Deity) in Xixiang Subdistrict, Bao'an District, is set to captivate audiences this year with its grand celebrations. The fair is listed as a provincial-level intangible cultural heritage event.
Discovering nature's marvels in Baguang
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Reflect and be inspired at 'The Echo of Ruins'
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