Chinese fans enamoured with UK songwriter
A Chinese-language song written by Manchester-based singer-songwriter Kevin McGeary has proven popular with Chinese internet users. “Hope It Might Be So” is a hopeful incantation about belief in an afterlife.
British Theater Live Festival to hit Broadway cinemas
The British Theater Live Festival, featuring 10 high-definition videos of British stage plays and a musical, will be screened at Broadway’s two cinemas in Shenzhen on Sept. 5-21.
SZ-made dance 'AI in Love' staged at national theater
Shenzhen-made dance drama “AI in Love,” which focuses on emotional interactions between humankind and artificial intelligence (AI), was staged at National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing over the past weekend.
Light shows brighten your autumn experience
As autumn brings cooler evenings, immerse yourself in the spellbinding beauty of light shows around the city. They include free shows that run every night, as well as ticketed shows with specific ending dates. After a bustling day of work, these enchanting displays provide the perfect respite.
Walking from past to present — Rediscover HK with volunteer tour guide
For the 71-year-old Ng Likbo, “city walk,” a new travel trend for youngsters, has never been a novelty. Since around 13 years ago, it has been the routine work of the retiree and volunteer tour guide to lead citizens and tourists to walk along the streets and alleys of Hong Kong, his hometown, viewing buildings up close and gaining a deep understanding of the local history and culture.
Strength, grace and symbolism in Xu Beihong's paintings
Locals are having a rare opportunity to admire more than 80 masterpieces created by Xu Beihong (1895-1953) in the 1920s through the 1940s at an exhibition at the Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning (MoCAUP).
Shanghai School paintings bring a breeze of artistry
Step into the serene world of Chinese paintings created by an array of masters from the 19th-20th centuries at the newly opened “The Breeze From the Sea” exhibition at the He Xiangning Art Museum.
Early-bird tickets for 'Love Never Dies' on sale
Early-Bird tickets for the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical “Love Never Dies” are available through Saturday, with a 15% discount for all purchasers. VIP members of the Shenzhen Poly Theater can enjoy further discounts.
New book on SZ chef and cuisine culture published
Shenzhen Book City CBD Store was buzzing with excitement on the afternoon of Saturday as a creatively unique book launch event took place. The highly anticipated release of “Influential Figures in Chinese Cuisine: Chen Hanzong” filled the air with culinary delights and culture.
Delve into lacquer paintings' splendor under warm lamps
Guanlan Old Market in Longhua District, which used to be called “Little Hong Kong,” was one of the four historical markets in Shenzhen from the 18th century to the early 20th century. After a recent renovation, it has become a popular place for inheriting the city’s history and culture.
Embracing a sports-packed weekend
This weekend in Shenzhen, sports fans will be treated to an incredible lineup of soccer, basketball, ice hockey and badminton games. With such a diverse range of sports events, this weekend is sure to be promising in captivating fans of all kinds.
Resident artists craft impressions of Guangming
When discussing Guangming District, most people immediately think of its dairy farm that produces fresh milk and roast squab, a famed local delicacy. However, this land holds much more to be explored — an entanglement of old and new that manifests as a rich cultural tapestry.
Algerian volunteers for marathon
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Understanding China Conference inspires global dialogue
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