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Intangible cultural heritage inheritor dedicated to promoting Xinjiang Muqam

Osman Amat, in his 60s, is a representative inheritor of the Twelve Muqam. Osman started to learn Muqam at the age of 7. He has mastered most of performing forms of the Twelve Muqam and brings them to the audience.


Young artist eyes music without boundaries

Wearing African-style dreadlocks, a nose ring, a pair of cool ear pendants ...


Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with Chao Opera

Prior to the Mid-Autumn Festival, Piotr from Poland was invited by the Qin ...


Movie music-themed concert staged

The “Bright Moon Shines Above the GBA” is the title of a movie music-theme ...


Porcelain-themed concert staged

On Oct. 28 and 29, two unique concerts named “Celadon Movement” were stage ...


Dutch geologist shares his experience in Mongolia

Christopher Schrader, a member of British Royal Geographical Society, shar ...


Firework display marks 70th anniversary

A fireworks display marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Pe ...

Expats celebrate Dragon Boat Festival

A group of EyeShenzhen WeChat followers were invited to mark the Dragon Bo ...