Discover Shenzhen
Shenzhen's biodiversity through Isaac Cohen's lens. Cohen, a biology teacher from Colombia, has been recording with his camera lens the beautiful and colorful wildlife in Shenzhen since arriving in town in the summer of 2017.
Shenzhen SEZ turns 43
Shenzhen Special Economic Zone turns 43 Aug. 26! Best wishes for the special economic zone. Happy 43rd Anniversary!
Fitness Fussion
Aug. 8 marks China's 15th National Fitness Day. The city has dedicated the month of August as Health Month. Let's take a moment to explore what the city has to offer.
Summer in Shenzhen: What to do and what to see
When you think about summer in Shenzhen, it's easy to immediately picture beautiful beaches, luscious hiking trails, star-studded night skies, jubilant live gigs, serene museum strolls, a group of friends at a BBQ, and much more.
Shenzhen in Bloom
A glimpse of Shenzhen's flowering plants to celebrate abundance as well as beauty in the city's natural world.
China-ASEAN Forum on Emerging Industries
The China-ASEAN Forum on Emerging Industries, held in Shenzhen, aims to foster cooperation over emerging industries in the face of rapid technological advancements and industrial transformations.
Creating a green future with digital energy
The 2023 International Digital Energy Expo, the first international digital energy fair hosted by Shenzhen, is an endeabor to create a green future with digital energy.
ICIF on a scale never seen before
The fair's exhibition area has expanded from 43,000 square meters in the first edition to 120,000 square meters in the 19th edition. The number of exhibitors has increased from some 700 in the first edition to 3,596 in the 19th edition, statistics show.
My GBA Story
The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) has drawn many expats to live and work here, and their life stories to some extent reflect the ethos and heartbeat of the GBA. Here you may read some of their stories and experience the pulse of the GBA.
Expats Chase Their Dreams in GBA
This trilingual feature page is devoted to Spanish speakers who share with us stories about pursuing their dreams here. The reports are presented in Spanish, English and Chinese, allowing these inspiring stories to reach a wider audience.
Rising SZ Designers
Shenzhen, China's first City of Design designated by the UNESCO, is home to some of the most creative minds in China. While sharing their stories, the reports give a glimpse of how design has changed our everyday lives and contributed to the city's rising creative power.
I Recommend Shenzhen
What does Shenzhen mean to you? A place to realize your dream? A city where miracle happens? Or a city with love and vision? Here is what they've said.
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Dragon boat race
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