Isaac Cohen, a biology teacher from Colombia, has been recording with his camera lens the beautiful and colorful wildlife in Shenzhen since arriving in town in the summer of 2017.

Isaac Cohen是一位来自哥伦比亚的生物老师,于2017年来到深圳。从那时起,他就开始用手中的相机记录深圳丰富多彩的生物世界。

Awed by the lush natural environment and biodiversity of his newfound home, Cohen started to share his photos on social media in January 2020. Here, we are presenting some of his photos, with brief introductions to the creatures he's encountered.


We hope these beautiful photos will cheer up your day, inspire your interest in our natural surroundings, and encourage you to take steps — no matter how small they are — to conserve our city’s environment.


Shenzhen's biodiversity through Isaac Cohen's lens

This is a story of Isaac Cohen exploring Shenzhen's biodiversity. Produced by Shenzhen Daily based on 10-month field interviews with Cohen, the report is dedicated to those who work to protect our globe's biodiversity.

Shenzhen Daily记者团队经过大半年的跟随采访,记录了哥伦比亚生物老师Cohen探索深圳生物多样性的故事。谨以此报道献给为维护生物多样性做出努力的人们。