Happy Valley hosts magic and burlesque competitions
The 12th China Acrobatic Golden Chrysanthemum Award National Magic and Burlesque Competition kicked off Tuesday at Shenzhen Happy Valley theme park in Nanshan District and will continue until June 22.
Hong Kong to host first sea fireworks display May 1
In an exciting announcement, the Hong Kong Tourism Board revealed that the first-ever sea fireworks display will light up Victoria Harbor on the evening of May 1, kicking off the “golden week” holiday with a dazzling spectacle.
Explore 6 new UNESCO Global Geoparks
Here we take our readers on a tour to explore these wonderful sites.
A taste of spring in Longjing tea hills
Located to the southwest of West Lake and embraced by hills at its northwest, Longjing Village boasts 53 hectares of hillside tea gardens. Standing in the village, people will see nothing but tea trees in every direction, and the village all surrounded by green hills covered by tea trees.
Chinese culture festival launched in Happy Valley
The China Fun Cultural Festival kicked off at Shenzhen Happy Valley on March 23 and will run through June 10. Throughout the festival, the theme park will host a range of activities, including free entry for cosplayers, girl group dances, electronic music parties, and retro parades, offering visitors a taste of Chinese-style romance.
Sakura season: boat trips in a sea of blossoms
Instead of beating the crowds for a spot under the trees, there are other options, as some of the top cherry blossom destinations also offer boat trips, where visitors can float on lakes while taking in the beauty of spring flowers on the banks.
Check out the stunning locations where 'Dune' films were shot
​Denis Villeneuve's highly-anticipated sequel to “Dune,” based on the 1965 novel by Frank Herbert, was released in Chinese theaters March 8 to great fanfare. After a long wait, fans could finally return to the world of Arrakis and witness the showdown that had been building since the first part. The film has already received high ratings thanks to its futuristic visual effects, sound, and excellent performances of the cast. Join us on a journey to explore the real-life locations used for the futuristic visuals in the film.
Tourism gives gunner tribe a shot at better life
In front of the village gate, Gun Shuixin and more than 10 other men stood on both sides of the road, holding up muskets and pulling the triggers aiming toward the sky. With the crisp gunshot, plumes of white smoke emitted from the muzzle.
Mount Fuji introducing visitor cap and entry fee
Mount Fuji, a UNESCO World Heritage site and an icon of Japan, is putting new regulations in place for climbers amid concerns about overcrowding.
Maoming, a hidden gem in southwestern GD
For those who seek a breathtaking seaview away from the crowds, Maoming, about a 4.5-hour drive away from downtown Shenzhen, might be an ideal destination on a sunny weekend.