Sports facilities in Bao'an

Writer: Cao Zhen  |  Editor: Jane Chen  |  From: EyeShenzhen 

Songgang Sports Center

Songgang Sports Center 松岗体育中心

Covering 54,056 square meters, the newly-built Songgang Sports Center was opened in July with a soccer field (no running track), two gateball courts, four tennis courts, six outdoor basketball courts, two swimming pools, 12 indoor badminton courts and an indoor basketball court. It also has a large parking lot for accommodating patrons who drive.

Add: West side of Songgang Middle School, Dongfang Boulevard, Bao’an District (宝安区东方大道松岗中学西侧)

Metro: Line 11, Houting Station (后亭站), Exit D and then take a taxi

Bao’an Sports Center

Bao’an Sports Center 宝安体育中心

China’s bamboo forests inspired the design of Bao’an Sports Center’s stadium, which has slim stanchions carrying the weight of the stands and wide-spanning roof. Covering 308,700 square meters, the sports center also has a gymnasium, swimming halls and tennis courts. The stadium is the home of Shenzhen Ledman F.C., which currently participates in the China League Two, a part of the third tier of Chinese professional soccer clubs.

Add: 2112 Xinhu Road, Bao’an District (宝安区新湖路2112号)

Metro: Line 1, Bao’an Stadium Station (宝体站), Exit A

Xixiang Sports Center

Xixiang Sports Center 西乡体育中心

Covering 63,294 square meters, Xixiang Sports Center has a standard stadium with a running track, two swimming pools, eight outdoor basketball courts, three outdoor badminton courts and four tennis courts. The sports center is near Pingluan Mountain, which offers a perfect place for hiking and stunning views.

Add: 18 Yintian Road, Bao’an District (宝安区银田路18号)

Metro: Line 11, Bihaiwan Station (碧海湾站), Exit E

Buchong Sports Park

Buchong Sports Park 步涌体育公园

Open since 2014, Buchong Sports Park in Shajing Subdistrict has a seven-person soccer field, three tennis courts, a basketball court and a greenway. The park is a perfect place for neighborhood residents to play soccer.

Add: 76 Xinhe Boulevard, Bao’an District (宝安区新和大道76号)

Metro: Line 11, Houting Station (后亭站), Exit A and then take a taxi

Shiyan Sports Center

Shiyan Sports Center 石岩体育中心

Hakka round houses were the inspiration for the design of Shiyan Sports Center’s gymnasium. The center, expected to open at the end of this year, will also have indoor basketball courts, badminton courts and table-tennis areas. It will be located near the Yangtai Mountain, which is home to luxuriant trees and wild animals.

Wuzhiba Sports Park 五指耙体育公园

Located at the intersection of Songgang, Shajing and Gongming subdistricts, Wuzhiba Sports Park just hosted the Guangdong Dragon Boat Race this summer at its reservoir. In the future bicycle races and other sports events are planned to be held there once construction is complete.

Furong Cultural and Sports Park 芙蓉文化体育公园

Also located in Shajing, Furong Cultural and Sports Park will have a standard soccer field, four basketball courts, two tennis courts, four badminton courts, a skating field and a leisure plaza.

More venues to come in the future:

Fuyong Gymnasium 福永体育馆

Fuyong Gymnasium, which is still under development, will cover 63,000 square meters and have a standard soccer field, five basketball courts, four tennis courts and a badminton hall. According to its designer, the gymnasium’s roof will be designed to resemble the Chinese character “福,” which is pronounced as “fu” in pinyin and means “good fortune.”

Fuyong Gymnasium

Shajing Soccer Sports Park 沙井足球体育公园

In 2015, Shajing Subdistrict planned to build a sports park with a standard soccer field, eight outdoor basketball courts, six tennis courts, six badminton courts and a greenway. Covering 85,000 square meters, the park is expected to open in 2019.