Sports facilities in Guangming

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Guangming Honghuashan Sports Center. 

Guangming Honghua Hill Sports Center 红花山体育中心

Guangming Honghuashan Sports Center is located at the southeast side of Honghua Hill Park and the north side of Songbai Road. Covering an area of 62,918.8 square meters and a function area of 33,312 square meters, the sports center consists of four outdoor tennis courts, eight basketball courts, two croquet courts, one standard swimming pool, two swimming pools for children, one standard soccer field, one standard track and field stadium, 12 badminton courts and 239 parking spots.

Opening hours: 9 a.m.-10 p.m.

Add: Honghua Hill Sports Center, 35 Xingfa Road, Gongming Subdistrict, Guangming District (光明区公明兴发路35号红花山体育中心(宝明城大酒店旁))

Tel: 23191747

Mass Sports Center of Guangming District

Mass Sports Center of Guangming District 群众体育中心

Located at the intersection of Guangqiao Road and Huaxia Road, the Mass Sports Center of Guangming District covers 61,885 square meters of land, with a floor area of 21,901.1 square meters.

The outdoor space of the sports center consists of 14 tennis courts, three basketball courts, one croquet court, one standard swimming pool, one swimming pool for children and a gym square.

The indoor space includes two tennis courts, 24 badminton courts (four of which are standard courts), 12 table tennis courts (two of which are standard playing courts), a gym center, a book bar, a training center, and more. Supporting facilities include Chinese and Western restaurants, hotels, one meeting room and 237 parking spaces.

Opening hours: 8:30 a.m.-10 p.m.

Add: Intersection of Huaxia Road and Guangqiao Road, Guangming District (光明区华夏路与光侨路交汇处群众体育中心(中国科学院大学深圳医院东侧))

Tel: 66641063, 26666038