A Foreigner's Guide to Shenzhen
To better serve foreign visitors and expats arriving in Shenzhen, we hereby present "A Foreigner's Guide to Shenzhen." Featuring guidebook-style videos and articles, the series will cover various aspects of living, working and travelling in the city from the moment expats arrive, from residency and payments to transportation.
The Rise of New Quality Productive Forces
Marked by innovation, new quality productive forces are advanced forms of productivity that represent a departure from traditional economic growth models. These forces align with China’s new development philosophy, which prioritizes innovation and sustainability. They encompass high tech, efficiency, and high-quality productivity methods. The rise of new quality productive forces signals a transformative shift in China's economic landscape, with research and development serving as the driving force behind emerging technologies and the advancement of new quality productive forces.
Explore SZ's intangible cultural heritage with Rafa
Shenzhen, despite being a young and modern city, boasts its own intangible cultural heritage some of which dates back more than 1,000 years. This “Shifu” series of Chinese-English documentaries feature Rafael Antonio Saavedra Molina from Venezuela visiting Shenzhen’s intangible cultural heritage inheritors who he adores as “师傅” (pronounced “shī fu”,skilled craftsmen) and “师父” (also pronounced “shī fu”,teachers or mentors).
A column devoted to English and Chinese language learning.
Shenzhen shines at MWC 2024
A considerable number of Shenzhen companies participated in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) that took place in Barcelona, Spain from Feb. 26 to 29 to showcase their latest technologies and products.
Discover Shenzhen
Shenzhen's biodiversity through Isaac Cohen's lens. Cohen, a biology teacher from Colombia, has been recording with his camera lens the beautiful and colorful wildlife in Shenzhen since arriving in town in the summer of 2017.
BRI: Shenzhen in Action
Since its launch in 2013, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), or the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, has evolved from ideas into actions, from a vision into reality, and from a general framework into concrete projects in China and beyond. Shenzhen, an active participant and a strategically important link along the Belt and Road, has seen its trade and people-to-people ties with BRI countries getting closer through policy coordination, infrastructure connectivity, financial facilitation, and new-sector cooperation. Examples in this regard abound, with some being covered in this feature page.
This bilingual column by Prof. Matteo Convertino is to shed light on ecological unknowns, mysteries, needs and efforts in response to urgent biodiversity and climate issues, as well as broader sustainability goals where Shenzhen might serve as a role model for other cities.
This column delves into various topics in the news to illustrate writers' point of view, make a call to action, and put forward recommendations.
Guangdong Provincial High-quality Development Conference
Guangdong Provincial High-quality Development Conference aims at boosting economic development for 2024.
The 5th Expats Eye Shenzhen Photo Contest
Winners of the fifth Expats Eye Shenzhen Photo Contest have been unveiled.
World Match Racing Tour Shenzhen · Bao’an Final and World Bay Area Regatta
The 2023 World Match Racing Tour (WMRT) Shenzhen·Baoan Final and the World Bay Area Regatta is scheduled to take place at Shenzhen's Bao'an District from Dec. 12 to 17, bringing together the world's best match racing skippers.
A/W 2024 SZ Fashion Week starts
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Temple fair brings traditions to vibrant life
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