Haze alert issued

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SHENZHEN Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow alert for haze at noon yesterday in Bao’an District, Nanshan District, Longhua District, Bantian and Pinghu subdistricts in Longgang, and Guangming New Area, indicating the visibility of the above-mentioned areas had reduced to within 3 kilometers.

The formation of the haze, which will continue through tomorrow, was mainly caused by the convergence of weak northerly wind, which now controls Shenzhen, and the sea breeze, said the observatory. The current condition is unfavorable for the dispersal of air pollution.

So far this year, Shenzhen has recorded a total of 16 hazy days, the lowest since 1994.

The observatory also issued a yellow alert for high temperatures yesterday, indicating highs had reached above 35 degrees Celsius in most areas of the city.

The maximum temperature in Henggang, Longgang District reached 37.1 degrees Celsius.

The high temperatures will slightly drop and the haze will be improved by tomorrow, when occasional showers will affect the city. The weekend will see a round of rain before weather turns hot again between Sept. 5 and 7.

Editor: Lily A