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Pan Linzi

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A concert was performed by Shenzhen’s young musicians at Shenzhen Concert Hall last night. One of the most talented local pianists, Pan Linzi, shared her vision for the city’s advanced music education yesterday at the backstage of the concert hall.

At last night’s concert, Pan played three movements from “Petrushka,” composed by Igor Stravinsky, which won several rounds of cheers and applause from the audience.

While talking about the pieces she chose for the concert, Pan said it was natural for her to select this difficult and challenging piece for last night’s concert because she was playing in her hometown.

“I am always very proud to say that I am from Shenzhen, because the city is young, clean, modern and organized,” Pan told the Shenzhen Daily before her rehearsal for the concert.

Pan is currently studying under Gary Graffman at the Curtis Institute of Music, where she has been studying since September 2013. Before that, she studied with Dan Zhaoyi from 2003 to 2013 from the age of 9.

The national and international awards Pan has won include the third prize at the sixth International Franz Liszt Piano Competition held in Weimar and Bayreuth, Germany, in October 2009 as the youngest contestant ever, as well as the second prize at the first Zhou Guangren Young Pianist Award in 2010, and second prize at the fourth China Shenzhen International Piano Concerto Competition.

Pan said that Shenzhen is famous for cultivating world-class pianists, and more local young talents are springing up on the global stage, because the city has an encouraging environment for children learning to play the piano from a young age.

“Shenzhen has many excellent piano teachers, for instance Dan Zhaoyi, who is also the teacher of Li Yundi,” said Pan. Li is one of Shenzhen’s most well-known pianists who enjoys global fame.

“Mr. Dan is very strict with his students and he pays a lot of attention to details,” said Pan. “I think he is the first generation of great piano teachers and he teaches many young teachers as well.”

Shenzhen parents’ devotedness to their kids’ playing skills is another reason that Pan thinks can account for Shenzhen’s fame as the “City of Piano” in China.

“When I study abroad, I find many parents do not take their children’s progress in learning the instrument very seriously, but Shenzhen parents always sacrifice their own time to accompany their children while they learn to play the piano,” said the pianist.

Another young artist from Shenzhen, Wang Yunpeng, agreed with Pan’s appreciation of Shenzhen’s solid education environment. The baritone said he notices that the audiences at concerts in Shenzhen are much younger than their counterparts in many European concert halls, and he believes Shenzhen is a promising market for classical music.

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