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BYD completes 300th electric bus in US

BYD Co., China’s leading electric vehicle maker, held a ceremony Wednesday last week to mark the completion of the 300th electric bus at its Lancaster manufacturing plant in the U.S. state of California.

BYD introduces longest electric bus

​An all-electric bus, BYD K12A, that can run at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour when full-loaded with 250 passengers, was launched Monday, marking another breakthrough since the unveiling of an electric double-decker bus in London, the Shenzhen Economic Daily reported.

Firm tries to take a bite out of cosmetics industry

he cosmetics industry is probably one of the most promising fields for businesses in China for the near future, as the total retail sales of skincare products and makeup products in China reached 186.7 billion yuan (US$27.79 billion) and 34.4 billion yuan in 2017, respectively, according to market intelligence firm Euromonitor.

Firm dedicated to revitalizing urban settings

For architectural firm MLA+, their biggest goal is to make life amazing!

Firm creates multifunction ‘bricks’

In an age when almost everything relies on something electronic, a new type of anxiety occurs as people find their devices are running out of power. Against this backdrop, a series of electronic devices, such as portable and wireless chargers, have been launched to save people from this predicament.

Company takes practical approach to interior design

Who doesn’t want an aesthetically pleasing environment where they live or work? Bobo Design, an interior design firm founded by Hong Kong designer Bobo Lam, is committed to providing practical solutions for different interior spaces and endowing them with vitality.