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BYD: China’s pioneer in new energy auto field

With share prices of Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD Co. on the rise, the company’s total market value exceeded 1 trillion yuan (US$149 billion) June 10, marking the first time for a Chinese auto company to be ranked among the top three global auto firms in terms of market value, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported.

Ping An leverages fintech for high-quality development

The “Ping An Auto Owner” app, “Pocket Bank,” artificial intelligence customer services, and other cutting-edge fintech attracted reporters’ attention during a research tour at the headquarters of Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. in Futian District on June 23.

Battery maker seizes new energy opportunities

Sunwoda, a world leader in the lithium-ion battery industry, received a Tier One electric vehicle (EV) battery cell manufacturer status from Benchmark’s Lithiumion Battery Megafactory Assessment earlier this month.

HK entrepreneur brings smart sanitation solutions to mainland

Wong Ka-Wai, who has successfully helped many of his Hong Kong customers improve their indoor air quality and safely sanitize indoor spaces, said he wanted to promote his IoT-based smart sanitation solutions to the mainland. Thus, last year, he established his company’s branch in Qianhai.

ZTE: a driver of digital economy charting its 2nd curve

BIG questions like “Who are we,” “Where did we come from,” and “Where are we going?” usually provide us an intriguing window into how we perceive and position ourselves in the world. ZTE Corp., a global leader in telecommunications and information technology headquartered in Shenzhen, has been committed to becoming a steadfast driver of the digital economy by providing reliable and trustworthy infrastructure, intelligent connectivity and ecosystem empowerment across all industrial verticals.

Huawei announces new inventions

​Shenzhen-headquartered tech giant, Huawei, announced the winners of its biennial Top 10 Invention Awards yesterday at a forum on IP (intellectual property) and innovation held at its headquarters in Longgang District.