Far Away Mast --Concert of Lü Jia and Macao Orchestra


Macao Orchestra, founded in 1983, is a professional music performance group under the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macao Special Administrative Region, and also a flagship orchestra in the Greater China Region. Members of Macao Orchestra are highly globalized and professional, who are excellent youth musicians from over 10 countries and regions. It has an independent regular music season system and holds over 70 concerts every season, to present classic music at all times and in all countries.

This time, it will be led by its Musical Director and Principal conductor, Lü Jia. Its music portfolio is also very special, which will be joined by Chinese Youth Pianist Jieni Wan to present to Shenzhen audiences Far Away Mast, commissioned by the organization committee of the music season, Piano Concerto in A Major by Grieg, Galanta Dance by Kodaly, and Symphony No.8 by Dvorak.