Concert presents traditional music


Nan Nan

Six Chinese music masters presented a special concert of Traditional Chinese Stringed and Woodwind Instruments at Shenzhen Concert Hall on Friday.

“The Chinese flute” dizi master Yuan Feifan collaborated with a pianist and string quartet to present “Zuixiaoyao,” which expresses an easygoing drunken mood in the combination with East and West.

Each musician, Li Xiangting (guqin), Song Fei (erhu), Shi Haibin (suona), Zhang Qiang (pipa), Su Chang (guzheng) and Yuan Feifan (dizi), featured one traditional work and one contemporary work to give the audience a wonderful night.

Guqin master, Li Xiangting, invited audience members to write down what they wanted to listen to, so he could improvise on it. The guqin is a plucked seven-string Chinese musical instrument of the zither family.

“Collaborating with the audience is not a challenge but an explosion of wisdom for me,” said Li. He then presented the chosen topic which was a traditional Chinese poem that described a scene of an emotional person meeting returning birds.

“This concert shows people’s high respect for traditional Chinese music, and the organizer’s intent to popularize traditional Chinese music around the world,” said pipa master Zhang Qiang. The pipa is a Chinese four-stringed musical instrument, belonging to the category of plucked instruments.

“Shenzhen Belt and Road International Music Festival is a good way to internationalize traditional Chinese music,” said Yuan. “Musicians should keep developing the potential of their instruments and composers should create more international works.”

The musicians said they hope to have more opportunities to perform at the festival.