Experiencing sea, mountains along hiking trails

During workday rush hours, the Dasha River Ecological Corridor, running through the Nanshan District from the north to the south, is always bustling with commuters on bikes. As the corridor connects the business centers of the Shenzhen Bay area and Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial Park in Yuehai Subdistrict with the higher education block of Shenzhen University Town in Xili Subdistrict, the ecological corridor not only relieves traffic pressure but also provides a healthy slow traffic system for bike commuters. At dawn and dusk every day, joggers, alone or in groups, run along the banks of the corridor to enjoy a healthy life.

Maluan Mountain: where nature and culture merge

Maluan Mountain in Pingshan District is very popular among avid hikers for its waterfalls, flora and fauna resources, breathtaking natural scenery as well as its rich Hakka culture.

Discover a diaolou-themed park

Longhua District is renowned for its Hakka roots which can be traced back 600 years ago. Many centuries-old diaolou buildings, formerly fortified multistory watchtowers in rural villages, can still be found in the district's old villages such as Guanlan Printmaking Village, Shangwei Art Village and New Who Art Village.

New sports venues and parks wait for you to explore

New sports venues and parks such as Shenyun Cultural and Sports Park, Mount Jiulong Sports Park, Children's rooftop garden and Bell Park are waiting for you to explore.

Riverbank greenway unveiled in Futian

The Xinzhou Mangrove Greenway, which was built along the Xinzhou River with some sections elevated above the river banks, has become a new leisure spot for locals. The greenway also connects five bridges across the river, so passersby can avoid the annoying traffic on Xinzhou Road, while enjoying jogging or walking on the greenway and bridges and conveniently reaching nearby buildings.