Shenzhen in Bloom: City flower creating spectacles everywhere

This series, "Shenzhen in Bloom," will give a glimpse of these picturesque places to celebrate abundance as well as beauty in the natural world of Shenzhen.

SZ makes list of top 20 destinations for flower viewing

Shenzhen has been named one of the top 20 destinations in China to enjoy the blossoming of flowers, according to a list released by, an online tourism service provider. The ranking was based on the popularity of each location among tourists.

Shenzhen in Bloom: Fragrant orchid trees create dreamscapes

Prized for its orchid-like flowers, the orchid tree is a common landscape tree in Shenzhen that blooms abundantly from winter through early summer.

Shenzhen in Bloom: Golden trumpet trees grab attention throughout the city

Golden trumpet trees (Tabebuia chrysantha), which are bursting in blossoms in Shenzhen, have become the latest traffic stopper across the city. In parks and along many streets and roads, their bright-colored blossoms are standing out against the clear sky and the high-rises that are often in cool colors.

Shenzhen in Bloom: Flaming kapok flowers light up the sky

Kapok trees (Bombax ceiba), which usually bloom between February and April, is one of the major attractions in South China at this time of the year. There are many places across Shenzhen to admire kapok flowers, not least those lining the streets we pass by every day. It is visibly evident this week as hundreds of kapok trees are now in full flower all over the city, becoming showy with their vibrant hue and delicate petals, although high above.