3rd Delta Creativity & Innovation Celebration heads to Shenzhen

The 3rd Delta Creativity & Innovation Celebration (DCIC) and the Roadshow Two on Next Generation ICT took place at Beeplus Co-working Space in Futian on Oct. 19. Experts in the fields of information technology, senior venture capital institutions, innovative starts-ups in the field of technology, industrial chain enterprises, and representatives of universities in the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area gathered in Shenzhen, and a special field-focused panel discussion was conducted at the roadshow. The 2018 DCIC is hosted by Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City Investment and Development Co., Ltd. San Jiao Ling, an international PR company in South China, was the event planner. Roadshow Two was also co-organized by Beeplus Co-working Space. Since the DCIC opening ceremony was held in Guangzhou in July 2018, it has attracted attention from local governments, foreign consulates, and local and multinational corporations. DCIC has now been held two consecutive years and has become one of the main international business events focusing on innovation in the Greater Bay Area since its first launch in 2016. The event aims to connect and reward the creative and innovative parties that are at the front of the rapid development of China’s transition of “World Factory” to knowledge-based industries. Jean-Jacques Verdun, founder of San Jiao Ling, hosted the field-focused discussion during the roadshow. “Nowadays, more and more innovation from Shenzhen has walked onto the world stage. Besides, Shenzhen is also the biggest heaven for the makers. Aiming to be the most essential event in the Greater Bay Area, DCIC will be the platform for those who want to realize their dreams and make achievements in information technology innovation.”