SZ teenagers win big at regatta

Shenzhen's Chen Jinhao Sailing Club sent 12 delegates to participate in the "Ocean Star" Teenagers' Regatta in Xiamen, Fujian Province, and won five gold medals.

Largest-ever China Hi-Tech Fair opens

The 24th China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF), the largest-ever in its history in terms of exhibition area, opened this morning at its two main venues at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in Futian District and Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center in Bao'an.

Expat group donates blood again in Huaqiangbei

A group of expats donated blood during a self-organized blood donation event at the Huaqiangbei blood center in Futian District yesterday.

Expats visiting Minzhi Intl. Block wowed

A group of expats who went on a field trip to Minzhi International Block in Longhua District today found the trip fun and rewarding, giving them firsthand observation and better understanding of the city.

A preview ride on Metro Line 12

Shenzhen's Metro operator gave reporters and local residents a chance to preview the Metro Line 12 on Thursday. The automatic line, with 33 stations, runs between Zuopaotai East Station in Nanshan and Wetlands Resort East Station in Bao'an. It is scheduled to be put into service this month.

X9 Alliance rowing race kicks off along Dasha River

The first Shenzhen X9 Alliance of Universities and Institutes (X9 Alliance) Rowing League Around X-Lake Sciensity kicked off yesterday along the Dasha River in Nanshan District during a ceremony where the establishment of the X9 Alliance was also announced.