Spring outing during holiday

As a traditional activity of the Qingming Festival, spring outing was a preferred choice by citizens while the recent flare-up of COVID-19 in the city has been overall curbed.

Brighten your weekend with a colorful visit

As commonly seen flowers in China, the rhododendrons not only decorate the spring scenery but are also admired in ancient and modern Chinese poems, thanks to their charming beauty. Now more than 100,000 trees of rhododendron moulmainense are in full blossom on Wutong Mountain where an annual flower fair is being held through mid-April.

History and nature infuse in Maluan Mountain

The Maluan Mountain in Pingshan District, which is well-known for its waterfalls, flora and fauna resources and breathtaking natural scenery, is also home to ancient Hakka villages, namely, Guangbei, Laowei and Maluan Villages and the historic site of Gengzi Revolution.

City back to normal pace in orderly manner

Qin Xingrong, after finishing his volunteer shift in Shekou Subdistrict, Nanshan District, has turned to serve in Nanhu Subdistrict in Luohu District since March 11.

Step of spring does not slow down

When the whole city had slowed down and citizens had been stayed indoor for the past sevens in a bid to curb the recent resurgence of COVID-19 in Shenzhen, the step of Spring, marked on the Spring Equinox or chunfen in Chinese yesterday, didn't slow down.

Life on pause, but not for all

Shenzhen has pressed the pause button for seven days to minimize the flow and gathering of people to race against time to fight the COVID pandemic.